List of All Emojis

Smileys & Emotion
Glyph Emoji Name Keywords
🫨⊛ Shaking FaceShaking Face, Dizzy, Shock, Blurry, Earthquake
🧐Face With MonocleFace With Monocle, Face, Stuffy, Wealthy
😵Face With Crossed-Out EyesDizzy Face, Spent, Unconscious, Xox, Dizzy
😖Confounded FaceConfounded Face, Face, Confused, Sick, Unwell, Oops, S
🥴Woozy FaceWoozy Face, Face, Dizzy, Intoxicated, Tipsy, Wavy
💩Pile Of PooPile Of Poo, Hankey, Shitface, Fail, Turd, Shit
🤐Zipper-Mouth FaceZipper Mouth Face, Face, Sealed, Zipper, Secret
😍Smiling Face With Heart-EyesSmiling Face With Heart Eyes, Face, Love, Like, Affection, Valentines, Infatuation, Crush, Heart
😰Anxious Face With SweatAnxious Face With Sweat, Face, Nervous, Sweat
🥺Pleading FacePleading Face, Face, Begging, Mercy, Cry, Tears, Sad, Grievance
💌Love LetterLove Letter, Email, Like, Affection, Envelope, Valentines
🥱Yawning FaceYawning Face, Tired, Sleepy
❤Red Heart
😧Anguished FaceAnguished Face, Face, Stunned, Nervous
😮Face With Open MouthFace With Open Mouth, Face, Surprise, Impressed, Wow, Whoa, O
🖤Black HeartBlack Heart, Evil
😄Grinning Face With Smiling EyesGrinning Face With Smiling Eyes, Face, Happy, Joy, Funny, Haha, Laugh, Like, D, , Smile
🤑Money-Mouth FaceMoney Mouth Face, Face, Rich, Dollar, Money
💀SkullSkull, Dead, Skeleton, Creepy, Death
😾Pouting CatPouting Cat, Animal, Cats
😂Face With Tears Of JoyFace With Tears Of Joy, Face, Cry, Tears, Weep, Happy, Happytears, Haha
😮‍💨Face ExhalingFace Exhaling, Relieve, Relief, Tired, Sigh
🥹Face Holding Back TearsFace Holding Back Tears, Touched, Gratitude, Cry
🙈See-No-Evil MonkeySee No Evil Monkey, Monkey, Animal, Nature, Haha
❣Heart Exclamation
😕Confused FaceConfused Face, Face, Indifference, Huh, Weird, Hmmm,
💔Broken HeartBroken Heart, Sad, Sorry, Break, Heart, Heartbreak
💛Yellow HeartYellow Heart, Love, Like, Affection, Valentines
👹OgreOgre, Monster, Red, Mask, Halloween, Scary, Creepy, Devil, Demon, Japanese Ogre
🥵Hot FaceHot Face, Face, Feverish, Heat, Red, Sweating
😩Weary FaceWeary Face, Face, Tired, Sleepy, Sad, Frustrated, Upset
👽AlienAlien, UFO, Paul, Weird, Outer Space
😟Worried FaceWorried Face, Face, Concern, Nervous,
❤️‍🩹Mending HeartMending Heart, Broken Heart, Bandage, Wounded
😢Crying FaceCrying Face, Face, Tears, Sad, Depressed, Upset,
😶Face Without MouthFace Without Mouth, Face, Hellokitty
💋Kiss MarkKiss Mark, Face, Lips, Love, Like, Affection, Valentines
🥳Partying FacePartying Face, Face, Celebration, Woohoo
😸Grinning Cat With Smiling EyesGrinning Cat With Smiling Eyes, Animal, Cats, Smile
💦Sweat DropletsSweat Droplets, Water, Drip, Oops
😭Loudly Crying FaceLoudly Crying Face, Face, Cry, Tears, Sad, Upset, Depressed
😘Face Blowing A KissFace Blowing A Kiss, Face, Love, Like, Affection, Valentines, Infatuation, Kiss
🤗Smiling Face With Open HandsHugging Face, Face, Smile, Hug
💙Blue HeartBlue Heart, Love, Like, Affection, Valentines
💚Green HeartGreen Heart, Love, Like, Affection, Valentines
😼Cat With Wry SmileCat With Wry Smile, Animal, Cats, Smirk
😃Grinning Face With Big EyesGrinning Face With Big Eyes, Face, Happy, Joy, Haha, D, , Smile, Funny
😬Grimacing FaceGrimacing Face, Face, Grimace, Teeth
😱Face Screaming In FearFace Screaming In Fear, Face, Munch, Scared, Omg
💗Growing HeartGrowing Heart, Like, Love, Affection, Valentines, Pink
🥸Disguised FaceDisguised Face, Pretent, Brows, Glasses, Moustache
😯Hushed FaceHushed Face, Face, Woo, Shh
😁Beaming Face With Smiling EyesBeaming Face With Smiling Eyes, Face, Happy, Smile, Joy, Kawaii
😎Smiling Face With SunglassesSmiling Face With Sunglasses, Face, Cool, Smile, Summer, Beach, Sunglass
😣Persevering FacePersevering Face, Face, Sick, No, Upset, Oops
😠Angry FaceAngry Face, Mad, Face, Annoyed, Frustrated
🙁Slightly Frowning FaceSlightly Frowning Face, Face, Frowning, Disappointed, Sad, Upset
🥰Smiling Face With HeartsSmiling Face With Hearts, Face, Love, Like, Affection, Valentines, Infatuation, Crush, Hearts, Adore
🤣Rolling On The Floor LaughingRolling On The Floor Laughing, Face, Rolling, Floor, Laughing, Lol, Haha, Rofl
🙄Face With Rolling EyesFace With Rolling Eyes, Face, Eyeroll, Frustrated
😑Expressionless FaceExpressionless Face, Face, Indifferent, , Meh, Deadpan
😅Grinning Face With SweatGrinning Face With Sweat, Face, Hot, Happy, Laugh, Sweat, Smile, Relief
😶‍🌫️Face In CloudsFace In Clouds, Shower, Steam, Dream
💯Hundred PointsHundred Points, Score, Perfect, Numbers, Century, Exam, Quiz, Test, Pass, Hundred
🩶⊛ Grey HeartGrey Heart, Silver, Monochrome
🤎Brown HeartBrown Heart, Coffee
🗨Left Speech Bubble
😌Relieved FaceRelieved Face, Face, Relaxed, Phew, Massage, Happiness
🤯Exploding HeadExploding Head, Face, Shocked, Mind, Blown
😲Astonished FaceAstonished Face, Face, Xox, Surprised, Poisoned
💘Heart With ArrowHeart With Arrow, Love, Like, Heart, Affection, Valentines
🤨Face With Raised EyebrowFace With Raised Eyebrow, Face, Distrust, Scepticism, Disapproval, Disbelief, Surprise
😝Squinting Face With TongueSquinting Face With Tongue, Face, Prank, Playful, Mischievous, Smile, Tongue
😞Disappointed FaceDisappointed Face, Face, Sad, Upset, Depressed,
😨Fearful FaceFearful Face, Face, Scared, Terrified, Nervous
🙀Weary CatWeary Cat, Animal, Cats, Munch, Scared, Scream
😆Grinning Squinting FaceGrinning Squinting Face, Happy, Joy, Lol, Satisfied, Haha, Face, Glad, XD, Laugh
☺Smiling Face
😫Tired FaceTired Face, Sick, Whine, Upset, Frustrated
😿Crying CatCrying Cat, Animal, Tears, Weep, Sad, Cats, Upset, Cry
👾Alien MonsterAlien Monster, Game, Arcade, Play
😻Smiling Cat With Heart-EyesSmiling Cat With Heart Eyes, Animal, Love, Like, Affection, Cats, Valentines, Heart
💕Two HeartsTwo Hearts, Love, Like, Affection, Valentines, Heart
🤪Zany FaceZany Face, Face, Goofy, Crazy
🤤Drooling FaceDrooling Face, Face
🤥Lying FaceLying Face, Face, Lie, Pinocchio
😋Face Savoring FoodFace Savoring Food, Happy, Joy, Tongue, Smile, Face, Silly, Yummy, Nom, Delicious, Savouring
🫢Face With Open Eyes And Hand Over MouthFace With Open Eyes And Hand Over Mouth, Silence, Secret, Shock, Surprise
😷Face With Medical MaskFace With Medical Mask, Face, Sick, Ill, Disease, Covid
🙊Speak-No-Evil MonkeySpeak No Evil Monkey, Monkey, Animal, Nature, Omg
🗯Right Anger Bubble
🤕Face With Head-BandageFace With Head Bandage, Injured, Clumsy, Bandage, Hurt
🩷⊛ Pink HeartPink Heart, Valentines
🫥Dotted Line FaceDotted Line Face, Invisible, Lonely, Isolation, Depression
🤭Face With Hand Over MouthFace With Hand Over Mouth, Face, Whoops, Shock, Surprise
🤫Shushing FaceShushing Face, Face, Quiet, Shhh
😵‍💫Face With Spiral EyesFace With Spiral Eyes, Sick, Ill, Confused, Nauseous, Nausea
😽Kissing CatKissing Cat, Animal, Cats, Kiss
🙂Slightly Smiling FaceSlightly Smiling Face, Face, Smile
🤔Thinking FaceThinking Face, Face, Hmmm, Think, Consider
🤒Face With ThermometerFace With Thermometer, Sick, Temperature, Thermometer, Cold, Fever, Covid
😪Sleepy FaceSleepy Face, Face, Tired, Rest, Nap
💫DizzyDizzy, Star, Sparkle, Shoot, Magic
🤮Face VomitingFace Vomiting, Face, Sick
🙃Upside-Down FaceUpside Down Face, Face, Flipped, Silly, Smile
🩵⊛ Light Blue HeartLight Blue Heart, Ice, Baby Blue
😀Grinning FaceGrinning Face, Face, Smile, Happy, Joy, D, Grin
💤ZZZZzz, Sleepy, Tired, Dream
😊Smiling Face With Smiling EyesSmiling Face With Smiling Eyes, Face, Smile, Happy, Flushed, Crush, Embarrassed, Shy, Joy
☠Skull And Crossbones
👁️‍🗨️Eye In Speech BubbleEye In Speech Bubble, Info
😳Flushed FaceFlushed Face, Face, Blush, Shy, Flattered
😜Winking Face With TongueWinking Face With Tongue, Face, Prank, Childish, Playful, Mischievous, Smile, Wink, Tongue
🤬Face With Symbols On MouthFace With Symbols On Mouth, Face, Swearing, Cursing, Cussing, Profanity, Expletive
🥲Smiling Face With TearSmiling Face With Tear, Sad, Cry, Pretend
👻GhostGhost, Halloween, Spooky, Scary
💞Revolving HeartsRevolving Hearts, Love, Like, Affection, Valentines
😈Smiling Face With HornsSmiling Face With Horns, Devil, Horns
😙Kissing Face With Smiling EyesKissing Face With Smiling Eyes, Face, Affection, Valentines, Infatuation, Kiss
🤧Sneezing FaceSneezing Face, Face, Gesundheit, Sneeze, Sick, Allergy
🫣Face With Peeking EyeFace With Peeking Eye, Scared, Frightening, Embarrassing, Shy
💢Anger SymbolAnger Symbol, Angry, Mad
☹Frowning Face
💭Thought BalloonThought Balloon, Bubble, Cloud, Speech, Thinking, Dream
💝Heart With RibbonHeart With Ribbon, Love, Valentines
👺GoblinGoblin, Red, Evil, Mask, Monster, Scary, Creepy, Japanese Goblin
💓Beating HeartBeating Heart, Love, Like, Affection, Valentines, Pink, Heart
😹Cat With Tears Of JoyCat With Tears Of Joy, Animal, Cats, Haha, Happy, Tears
🤢Nauseated FaceNauseated Face, Face, Vomit, Gross, Green, Sick, Throw Up, Ill
🤍White HeartWhite Heart, Pure
🤡Clown FaceClown Face, Face
😡Enraged FacePouting Face, Angry, Mad, Hate, Despise
😗Kissing FaceKissing Face, Love, Like, Face, 3, Valentines, Infatuation, Kiss
😥Sad But Relieved FaceSad But Relieved Face, Face, Phew, Sweat, Nervous
🥶Cold FaceCold Face, Face, Blue, Freezing, Frozen, Frostbite, Icicles
💬Speech BalloonSpeech Balloon, Bubble, Words, Message, Talk, Chatting
💨Dashing AwayDashing Away, Wind, Air, Fast, Shoo, Fart, Smoke, Puff
😐Neutral FaceNeutral Face, Indifference, Meh, , Neutral
🤓Nerd FaceNerd Face, Face, Nerdy, Geek, Dork
💖Sparkling HeartSparkling Heart, Love, Like, Affection, Valentines
😇Smiling Face With HaloSmiling Face With Halo, Face, Angel, Heaven, Halo, Innocent
🤠Cowboy Hat FaceCowboy Hat Face, Face, Cowgirl, Hat
🧡Orange HeartOrange Heart, Love, Like, Affection, Valentines
😔Pensive FacePensive Face, Face, Sad, Depressed, Upset
😚Kissing Face With Closed EyesKissing Face With Closed Eyes, Face, Love, Like, Affection, Valentines, Infatuation, Kiss
❤️‍🔥Heart On FireHeart On Fire, Passionate, Enthusiastic
😴Sleeping FaceSleeping Face, Face, Tired, Sleepy, Night, Zzz
😤Face With Steam From NoseFace With Steam From Nose, Face, Gas, Phew, Proud, Pride
😓Downcast Face With SweatDowncast Face With Sweat, Face, Hot, Sad, Tired, Exercise
😏Smirking FaceSmirking Face, Face, Smile, Mean, Prank, Smug, Sarcasm
🤩Star-StruckStar Struck, Face, Smile, Starry, Eyes, Grinning
😺Grinning CatGrinning Cat, Animal, Cats, Happy, Smile
😛Face With TongueFace With Tongue, Face, Prank, Childish, Playful, Mischievous, Smile, Tongue
💟Heart DecorationHeart Decoration, Purple Square, Love, Like
😦Frowning Face With Open MouthFrowning Face With Open Mouth, Face, Aw, What
🤖RobotRobot, Computer, Machine, Bot
🙉Hear-No-Evil MonkeyHear No Evil Monkey, Animal, Monkey, Nature
😉Winking FaceWinking Face, Face, Happy, Mischievous, Secret, , Smile, Eye
🫠Melting FaceMelting Face, Hot, Heat
😒Unamused FaceUnamused Face, Indifference, Bored, Straight Face, Serious, Sarcasm, Unimpressed, Skeptical, Dubious, Side Eye
👿Angry Face With HornsAngry Face With Horns, Devil, Angry, Horns
💥CollisionCollision, Bomb, Explode, Explosion, Blown
💜Purple HeartPurple Heart, Love, Like, Affection, Valentines
🫡Saluting FaceSaluting Face, Respect, Salute
🫤Face With Diagonal MouthFace With Diagonal Mouth, Skeptic, Confuse, Frustrated, Indifferent
People & Body
Glyph Emoji Name Keywords
👨‍👨‍👧‍👦FamilyFamily Man Man Girl Boy, Home, Parents, People, Human, Children
🧗‍♀️Woman ClimbingWoman Climbing, Sports, Hobby, Woman, Female, Rock
🕴Person In Suit Levitating
🧔‍♀️WomanWoman Beard, Facial Hair
🙅‍♂️Man Gesturing NOMan Gesturing No, Male, Boy, Man, Nope
👨‍👧FamilyFamily Man Girl, Home, Parent, People, Human, Child
🧓Older PersonOlder Person, Human, Elder, Senior, Gender Neutral
💆Person Getting MassagePerson Getting Massage, Relax
🦶FootFoot, Kick, Stomp
🧟‍♂️Man ZombieMan Zombie, Man, Male, Dracula, Undead, Walking Dead
🧒ChildChild, Gender Neutral, Young
🏄Person SurfingPerson Surfing, Sport, Sea
🧑‍🦯Person With White CanePerson With Probing Cane, Blind
✊Raised FistRaised Fist, Fingers, Hand, Grasp
👨‍🏫Man TeacherMan Teacher, Instructor, Professor, Man, Human
🏃Person RunningPerson Running, Move
👨‍✈️Man PilotMan Pilot, Aviator, Plane, Man, Human
🤴PrincePrince, Boy, Man, Male, Crown, Royal, King
🧘Person In Lotus PositionPerson In Lotus Position, Meditate
🤞Crossed FingersCrossed Fingers, Good, Lucky
🏃‍♀️Woman RunningWoman Running, Woman, Walking, Exercise, Race, Running, Female
🤰Pregnant WomanPregnant Woman, Baby
👀EyesEyes, Look, Watch, Stalk, Peek, See
👮‍♀️Woman Police OfficerWoman Police Officer, Woman, Police, Law, Legal, Enforcement, Arrest, 911, Female
🙅Person Gesturing NOPerson Gesturing No, Decline
🧘‍♂️Man In Lotus PositionMan In Lotus Position, Man, Male, Meditation, Yoga, Serenity, Zen, Mindfulness
👄MouthMouth, Kiss
💪Flexed BicepsFlexed Biceps, Arm, Flex, Hand, Summer, Strong, Biceps
👩‍🌾Woman FarmerWoman Farmer, Rancher, Gardener, Woman, Human
👨‍🏭Man Factory WorkerMan Factory Worker, Assembly, Industrial, Man, Human
🧑‍🎄Mx ClausMx Claus, Christmas
👱PersonPerson Blond Hair, Hairstyle
💑Couple With HeartCouple With Heart, Pair, Love, Like, Affection, Human, Dating, Valentines, Marriage
💅Nail PolishNail Polish, Beauty, Manicure, Finger, Fashion, Nail
🧟‍♀️Woman ZombieWoman Zombie, Woman, Female, Undead, Walking Dead
🧎‍♂️Man KneelingMan Kneeling, Pray, Respectful
🤷‍♂️Man ShruggingMan Shrugging, Man, Male, Boy, Confused, Indifferent, Doubt
🫵Index Pointing At The ViewerIndex Pointing At The Viewer, You, Recruit
🛌Person In BedPerson In Bed, Bed, Rest
👨‍🦽Man In Manual WheelchairMan In Manual Wheelchair, Disability, Accessibility
👩WomanWoman, Female, Girls, Lady
🙍‍♀️Woman FrowningWoman Frowning, Female, Girl, Woman, Sad, Depressed, Discouraged, Unhappy
🫱Rightwards HandRightwards Hand, Palm, Offer
🦹‍♂️Man SupervillainMan Supervillain, Man, Male, Evil, Bad, Criminal, Hero, Superpowers
🧚FairyFairy, Wings, Magical
🚶Person WalkingPerson Walking, Move
🤺Person FencingPerson Fencing, Sports, Fencing, Sword
👨‍⚖️Man JudgeMan Judge, Justice, Court, Man, Human
🤽‍♂️Man Playing Water PoloMan Playing Water Polo, Sports, Pool
🙇‍♀️Woman BowingWoman Bowing, Woman, Female, Girl
🧗Person ClimbingPerson Climbing, Sport
🧑‍🔧MechanicMechanic, Worker, Technician
🏊‍♀️Woman SwimmingWoman Swimming, Sports, Exercise, Human, Athlete, Water, Summer, Woman, Female
🧎‍♀️Woman KneelingWoman Kneeling, Respectful, Pray
👰Person With VeilBride With Veil, Couple, Marriage, Wedding, Woman, Bride
🤼‍♂️Men WrestlingMen Wrestling, Sports, Wrestlers
💇‍♂️Man Getting HaircutMan Getting Haircut, Male, Boy, Man
🧜‍♂️MermanMerman, Man, Male, Triton
🤲Palms Up TogetherPalms Up Together, Hands, Gesture, Cupped, Prayer
🫃Pregnant ManPregnant Man, Baby, Belly
💁‍♀️Woman Tipping HandWoman Tipping Hand, Female, Girl, Woman, Human, Information
🧏Deaf PersonDeaf Person, Accessibility
👩‍👩‍👦‍👦FamilyFamily Woman Woman Boy Boy, Home, Parents, People, Human, Children
👩‍🎤Woman SingerWoman Singer, Rockstar, Entertainer, Woman, Human
🚴Person BikingPerson Biking, Bicycle, Bike, Cyclist, Sport, Move
🦴BoneBone, Skeleton
🧑‍🎨ArtistArtist, Painting, Draw, Creativity
💃Woman DancingWoman Dancing, Female, Girl, Woman, Fun
🙆‍♀️Woman Gesturing OKWoman Gesturing Ok, Women, Girl, Female, Pink, Human, Woman
🖕Middle FingerMiddle Finger, Hand, Fingers, Rude, Middle, Flipping
👳‍♀️Woman Wearing TurbanWoman Wearing Turban, Female, Indian, Hinduism, Arabs, Woman
👩‍👦FamilyFamily Woman Boy, Home, Parent, People, Human, Child
🚣‍♂️Man Rowing BoatMan Rowing Boat, Sports, Hobby, Water, Ship
🧑‍🎤SingerSinger, Song, Artist, Performer
🦻Ear With Hearing AidEar With Hearing Aid, Accessibility
👨‍👦FamilyFamily Man Boy, Home, Parent, People, Human, Child
🕵️‍♀️Woman DetectiveWoman Detective, Human, Spy, Detective, Female, Woman
🚴‍♂️Man BikingMan Biking, Bicycle, Bike, Cyclist, Sports, Exercise, Hipster
🧑‍🚒FirefighterFirefighter, Fire
🧑‍🍼Person Feeding BabyPerson Feeding Baby, Birth, Food
🧍Person StandingPerson Standing, Still
👨‍👩‍👦‍👦FamilyFamily Man Woman Boy Boy, Home, Parents, People, Human, Children
🏌️‍♀️Woman GolfingWoman Golfing, Sports, Business, Woman, Female
👨‍🎓Man StudentMan Student, Graduate, Man, Human
👷‍♂️Man Construction WorkerMan Construction Worker, Male, Human, Wip, Guy, Build, Construction, Worker, Labor
🧑‍⚕️Health WorkerHealth Worker, Hospital
🤘Sign Of The HornsSign Of The Horns, Hand, Fingers, Evil Eye, Sign Of Horns, Rock On
🥷NinjaNinja, Ninjutsu, Skills, Japanese
👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩KissKiss Woman Woman, Pair, Valentines, Love, Like, Dating, Marriage
👼Baby AngelBaby Angel, Heaven, Wings, Halo
👯‍♀️Women With Bunny EarsWomen With Bunny Ears, Female, Bunny, Women, Girls
🙆Person Gesturing OKPerson Gesturing Ok, Agree
👰‍♀️Woman With VeilWoman With Veil, Wedding, Marriage
🏋️‍♀️Woman Lifting WeightsWoman Lifting Weights, Sports, Training, Exercise, Woman, Female
🚵Person Mountain BikingPerson Mountain Biking, Bicycle, Bike, Cyclist, Sport, Move
🙎Person PoutingPerson Pouting, Upset
🦸‍♂️Man SuperheroMan Superhero, Man, Male, Good, Hero, Superpowers
🦹‍♀️Woman SupervillainWoman Supervillain, Woman, Female, Evil, Bad, Criminal, Heroine, Superpowers
👨‍👩‍👧‍👧FamilyFamily Man Woman Girl Girl, Home, Parents, People, Human, Children
👨‍👨‍👧‍👧FamilyFamily Man Man Girl Girl, Home, Parents, People, Human, Children
🫄Pregnant PersonPregnant Person, Baby, Belly
🤹Person JugglingPerson Juggling, Performance, Balance
💏KissKiss, Pair, Valentines, Love, Like, Dating, Marriage
🙋‍♂️Man Raising HandMan Raising Hand, Male, Boy, Man
🏋Person Lifting Weights
🧞‍♀️Woman GenieWoman Genie, Woman, Female
👍Thumbs UpThumbs Up, Thumbsup, Yes, Awesome, Good, Agree, Accept, Cool, Hand, Like, 1
🛀Person Taking BathPerson Taking Bath, Clean, Shower, Bathroom
🤷‍♀️Woman ShruggingWoman Shrugging, Woman, Female, Girl, Confused, Indifferent, Doubt
🤛Left-Facing FistLeft Facing Fist, Hand, Fistbump
👩‍👩‍👧‍👧FamilyFamily Woman Woman Girl Girl, Home, Parents, People, Human, Children
🏇Horse RacingHorse Racing, Animal, Betting, Competition, Gambling, Luck
👱‍♂️ManMan Blond Hair, Man, Male, Boy, Blonde, Guy, Person
🧑‍💻TechnologistTechnologist, Computer
🧞GenieGenie, Magical, Wishes
👩‍🚀Woman AstronautWoman Astronaut, Space, Rocket, Woman, Human
🤾‍♂️Man Playing HandballMan Playing Handball, Sports
👩‍🔧Woman MechanicWoman Mechanic, Plumber, Woman, Human, Wrench
👷Construction WorkerConstruction Worker, Labor, Build
👩‍🦼Woman In Motorized WheelchairWoman In Motorized Wheelchair, Disability, Accessibility
👩‍🦽Woman In Manual WheelchairWoman In Manual Wheelchair, Disability, Accessibility
👥Busts In SilhouetteBusts In Silhouette, User, Person, Human, Group, Team
👨‍👩‍👦FamilyFamily Man Woman Boy, Love
👱‍♀️WomanWoman Blond Hair, Woman, Female, Girl, Blonde, Person
👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨KissKiss Man Man, Pair, Valentines, Love, Like, Dating, Marriage
👪FamilyFamily, Home, Parents, Child, Mom, Dad, Father, Mother, People, Human
🫴Palm Up HandPalm Up Hand, Lift, Offer, Demand
🧍‍♂️Man StandingMan Standing, Still
👨‍⚕️Man Health WorkerMan Health Worker, Doctor, Nurse, Therapist, Healthcare, Man, Human
🤟Love-You GestureLove You Gesture, Hand, Fingers, Gesture
🧛‍♂️Man VampireMan Vampire, Man, Male, Dracula
🫦Biting LipBiting Lip, Flirt, Sexy, Pain, Worry
👨‍💻Man TechnologistMan Technologist, Coder, Developer, Engineer, Programmer, Software, Man, Human, Laptop, Computer
🤼People WrestlingPeople Wrestling, Sport
👩‍👦‍👦FamilyFamily Woman Boy Boy, Home, Parent, People, Human, Children
👨‍🎨Man ArtistMan Artist, Painter, Man, Human
💂‍♀️Woman GuardWoman Guard, Uk, Gb, British, Female, Royal, Woman
💇‍♀️Woman Getting HaircutWoman Getting Haircut, Female, Girl, Woman
🤷Person ShruggingPerson Shrugging, Regardless
🧑‍✈️PilotPilot, Fly, Plane, Airplane
👨‍❤️‍👨Couple With HeartCouple With Heart Man Man, Pair, Love, Like, Affection, Human, Dating, Valentines, Marriage
🏊‍♂️Man SwimmingMan Swimming, Sports, Exercise, Human, Athlete, Water, Summer
🤵Person In TuxedoMan In Tuxedo, Couple, Marriage, Wedding, Groom
🧏‍♂️Deaf ManDeaf Man, Accessibility
👩‍💻Woman TechnologistWoman Technologist, Coder, Developer, Engineer, Programmer, Software, Woman, Human, Laptop, Computer
🤹‍♀️Woman JugglingWoman Juggling, Juggle, Balance, Skill, Multitask
🖖Vulcan SaluteVulcan Salute, Hand, Fingers, Spock, Star Trek
🧞‍♂️Man GenieMan Genie, Man, Male
🧑‍🦼Person In Motorized WheelchairPerson In Motorized Wheelchair, Disability, Accessibility
👲Person With SkullcapMan With Skullcap, Male, Boy, Chinese
🧙‍♀️Woman MageWoman Mage, Woman, Female, Mage, Witch
🫂People HuggingPeople Hugging, Care
⛹️‍♀️Woman Bouncing BallWoman Bouncing Ball, Sports, Human, Woman, Female
🧖‍♂️Man In Steamy RoomMan In Steamy Room, Male, Man, Spa, Steamroom, Sauna
🤸‍♂️Man CartwheelingMan Cartwheeling, Gymnastics
🤦Person FacepalmingPerson Facepalming, Disappointed
🧕Woman With HeadscarfWoman With Headscarf, Female, Hijab, Mantilla, Tichel
🙏Folded HandsFolded Hands, Please, Hope, Wish, Namaste, Highfive, Pray, Thank You, Thanks, Appreciate
👨‍👩‍👧FamilyFamily Man Woman Girl, Home, Parents, People, Human, Child
🫸⊛ Rightwards Pushing HandRightwards Pushing Hand, Highfive, Pressing, Stop
👨‍🚒Man FirefighterMan Firefighter, Fireman, Man, Human
👨‍🦼Man In Motorized WheelchairMan In Motorized Wheelchair, Disability, Accessibility
🤾‍♀️Woman Playing HandballWoman Playing Handball, Sports
🤌Pinched FingersPinched Fingers, Size, Tiny, Small
👐Open HandsOpen Hands, Fingers, Butterfly, Hands, Open
🏌️‍♂️Man GolfingMan Golfing, Sport
🚴‍♀️Woman BikingWoman Biking, Bicycle, Bike, Cyclist, Sports, Exercise, Hipster, Woman, Female
👨‍🌾Man FarmerMan Farmer, Rancher, Gardener, Man, Human
👩‍👩‍👧‍👦FamilyFamily Woman Woman Girl Boy, Home, Parents, People, Human, Children
👌OK HandOk Hand, Fingers, Limbs, Perfect, Ok, Okay
🫲Leftwards HandLeftwards Hand, Palm, Offer
🫶Heart HandsHeart Hands, Love, Appreciation, Support
💆‍♀️Woman Getting MassageWoman Getting Massage, Female, Girl, Woman, Head
🧑‍🤝‍🧑People Holding HandsPeople Holding Hands, Friendship
🧑‍🦰PersonPerson Red Hair, Hairstyle
🧎Person KneelingPerson Kneeling, Pray, Respectful
🧘‍♀️Woman In Lotus PositionWoman In Lotus Position, Woman, Female, Meditation, Yoga, Serenity, Zen, Mindfulness
🚣Person Rowing BoatPerson Rowing Boat, Sport, Move
👨‍🔧Man MechanicMan Mechanic, Plumber, Man, Human, Wrench
🧜‍♀️MermaidMermaid, Woman, Female, Merwoman, Ariel
🤽Person Playing Water PoloPerson Playing Water Polo, Sport
🤸‍♀️Woman CartwheelingWoman Cartwheeling, Gymnastics
👶BabyBaby, Child, Boy, Girl, Toddler
🧑‍🔬ScientistScientist, Chemistry
👨‍🍳Man CookMan Cook, Chef, Man, Human
👨‍🦳ManMan White Hair, Old, Elder
🙋‍♀️Woman Raising HandWoman Raising Hand, Female, Girl, Woman
👩‍🦳WomanWoman White Hair, Old, Elder
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦FamilyFamily Man Woman Girl Boy, Home, Parents, People, Human, Children
🧜MerpersonMerperson, Sea
👫Woman And Man Holding HandsWoman And Man Holding Hands, Pair, People, Human, Love, Date, Dating, Like, Affection, Valentines, Marriage
🤝HandshakeHandshake, Agreement, Shake
🫀Anatomical HeartAnatomical Heart, Health, Heartbeat
🏊Person SwimmingPerson Swimming, Sport, Pool
🏂SnowboarderSnowboarder, Sports, Winter
🧝ElfElf, Magical
👩‍🔬Woman ScientistWoman Scientist, Biologist, Chemist, Engineer, Physicist, Woman, Human
🤵‍♂️Man In TuxedoMan In Tuxedo, Formal, Fashion
🧝‍♂️Man ElfMan Elf, Man, Male
🤏Pinching HandPinching Hand, Tiny, Small, Size
🦾Mechanical ArmMechanical Arm, Accessibility
👰‍♂️Man With VeilMan With Veil, Wedding, Marriage
🤶Mrs. ClausMrs Claus, Woman, Female, Xmas, Mother Christmas
🕵️‍♂️Man DetectiveMan Detective, Crime
👨‍🚀Man AstronautMan Astronaut, Space, Rocket, Man, Human
👨‍👨‍👧FamilyFamily Man Man Girl, Home, Parents, People, Human, Children
👨‍🎤Man SingerMan Singer, Rockstar, Entertainer, Man, Human
🧏‍♀️Deaf WomanDeaf Woman, Accessibility
🫳Palm Down HandPalm Down Hand, Palm, Drop
🤼‍♀️Women WrestlingWomen Wrestling, Sports, Wrestlers
🤵‍♀️Woman In TuxedoWoman In Tuxedo, Formal, Fashion
🧠BrainBrain, Smart, Intelligent
👩‍👩‍👦FamilyFamily Woman Woman Boy, Home, Parents, People, Human, Children
🎅Santa ClausSanta Claus, Festival, Man, Male, Xmas, Father Christmas
👇Backhand Index Pointing DownBackhand Index Pointing Down, Fingers, Hand, Direction, Down
👈Backhand Index Pointing LeftBackhand Index Pointing Left, Direction, Fingers, Hand, Left
🦵LegLeg, Kick, Limb
🧗‍♂️Man ClimbingMan Climbing, Sports, Hobby, Man, Male, Rock
🖐Hand With Fingers Splayed
🤦‍♀️Woman FacepalmingWoman Facepalming, Woman, Female, Girl, Disbelief
👩‍🎓Woman StudentWoman Student, Graduate, Woman, Human
👳Person Wearing TurbanPerson Wearing Turban, Headdress
🙆‍♂️Man Gesturing OKMan Gesturing Ok, Men, Boy, Male, Blue, Human, Man
🧑‍🏫TeacherTeacher, Professor
🧛‍♀️Woman VampireWoman Vampire, Woman, Female
👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨KissKiss Woman Man, Love
💂GuardGuard, Protect
👎Thumbs DownThumbs Down, Thumbsdown, No, Dislike, Hand, 1
🫰Hand With Index Finger And Thumb CrossedHand With Index Finger And Thumb Crossed, Heart, Love, Money, Expensive
🫅Person With CrownPerson With Crown, Royalty, Power
☝Index Pointing Up
✍Writing Hand
👩‍🍳Woman CookWoman Cook, Chef, Woman, Human
👩‍🚒Woman FirefighterWoman Firefighter, Fireman, Woman, Human
🙇Person BowingPerson Bowing, Respectiful
👸PrincessPrincess, Girl, Woman, Female, Blond, Crown, Royal, Queen
👨‍💼Man Office WorkerMan Office Worker, Business, Manager, Man, Human
🏋️‍♂️Man Lifting WeightsMan Lifting Weights, Sport
🧚‍♀️Woman FairyWoman Fairy, Woman, Female
🙇‍♂️Man BowingMan Bowing, Man, Male, Boy
🦸‍♀️Woman SuperheroWoman Superhero, Woman, Female, Good, Heroine, Superpowers
👩‍⚕️Woman Health WorkerWoman Health Worker, Doctor, Nurse, Therapist, Healthcare, Woman, Human
🧑‍🌾FarmerFarmer, Crops
🙎‍♀️Woman PoutingWoman Pouting, Female, Girl, Woman
👤Bust In SilhouetteBust In Silhouette, User, Person, Human
💁Person Tipping HandPerson Tipping Hand, Information
👨‍🦰ManMan Red Hair, Hairstyle
👨‍👧‍👦FamilyFamily Man Girl Boy, Home, Parent, People, Human, Children
🧑‍🦲PersonPerson Bald, Hairless
🫁LungsLungs, Breathe
🧑‍🍳CookCook, Food, Kitchen, Culinary
🚵‍♂️Man Mountain BikingMan Mountain Biking, Bicycle, Bike, Cyclist, Transportation, Sports, Human, Race
🚵‍♀️Woman Mountain BikingWoman Mountain Biking, Bicycle, Bike, Cyclist, Transportation, Sports, Human, Race, Woman, Female
🤾Person Playing HandballPerson Playing Handball, Sport
👳‍♂️Man Wearing TurbanMan Wearing Turban, Male, Indian, Hinduism, Arabs
🧑‍🦳PersonPerson White Hair, Elder, Old
👩‍🏫Woman TeacherWoman Teacher, Instructor, Professor, Woman, Human
🧔PersonMan Beard, Person, Bewhiskered
👣FootprintsFootprints, Feet, Tracking, Walking, Beach
👷‍♀️Woman Construction WorkerWoman Construction Worker, Female, Human, Wip, Build, Construction, Worker, Labor, Woman
🧑‍🦽Person In Manual WheelchairPerson In Manual Wheelchair, Disability, Accessibility
🤹‍♂️Man JugglingMan Juggling, Juggle, Balance, Skill, Multitask
⛹Person Bouncing Ball
🧌TrollTroll, Mystical, Monster
💆‍♂️Man Getting MassageMan Getting Massage, Male, Boy, Man, Head
👩‍👧‍👦FamilyFamily Woman Girl Boy, Home, Parent, People, Human, Children
👯‍♂️Men With Bunny EarsMen With Bunny Ears, Male, Bunny, Men, Boys
💇Person Getting HaircutPerson Getting Haircut, Hairstyle
👃NoseNose, Smell, Sniff
🤦‍♂️Man FacepalmingMan Facepalming, Man, Male, Boy, Disbelief
🧙MageMage, Magic
👨‍🦯Man With White CaneMan With Probing Cane, Blind
👩‍❤️‍👩Couple With HeartCouple With Heart Woman Woman, Pair, Love, Like, Affection, Human, Dating, Valentines, Marriage
🦸SuperheroSuperhero, Marvel
👂EarEar, Face, Hear, Sound, Listen
🙍Person FrowningPerson Frowning, Worried
👧GirlGirl, Female, Woman, Teenager
🧚‍♂️Man FairyMan Fairy, Man, Male
👯People With Bunny EarsPeople With Bunny Ears, Perform, Costume
🧖Person In Steamy RoomPerson In Steamy Room, Relax, Spa
🚶‍♂️Man WalkingMan Walking, Human, Feet, Steps
👮‍♂️Man Police OfficerMan Police Officer, Man, Police, Law, Legal, Enforcement, Arrest, 911
👩‍🍼Woman Feeding BabyWoman Feeding Baby, Birth, Food
👦BoyBoy, Man, Male, Guy, Teenager
🚶‍♀️Woman WalkingWoman Walking, Human, Feet, Steps, Woman, Female
🧍‍♀️Woman StandingWoman Standing, Still
👩‍👩‍👧FamilyFamily Woman Woman Girl, Home, Parents, People, Human, Children
🧙‍♂️Man MageMan Mage, Man, Male, Mage, Sorcerer
👨‍👦‍👦FamilyFamily Man Boy Boy, Home, Parent, People, Human, Children
🧑‍💼Office WorkerOffice Worker, Business
👊Oncoming FistOncoming Fist, Angry, Violence, Fist, Hit, Attack, Hand
🦿Mechanical LegMechanical Leg, Accessibility
👵Old WomanOld Woman, Human, Female, Women, Lady, Old, Elder, Senior
👴Old ManOld Man, Human, Male, Men, Old, Elder, Senior
🏄‍♂️Man SurfingMan Surfing, Sports, Ocean, Sea, Summer, Beach
🗣Speaking Head
👩‍⚖️Woman JudgeWoman Judge, Justice, Court, Woman, Human
👨‍👧‍👧FamilyFamily Man Girl Girl, Home, Parent, People, Human, Children
💂‍♂️Man GuardMan Guard, Uk, Gb, British, Male, Guy, Royal
👩‍🦰WomanWoman Red Hair, Hairstyle
🙅‍♀️Woman Gesturing NOWoman Gesturing No, Female, Girl, Woman, Nope
👅TongueTongue, Mouth, Playful
👨‍👨‍👦‍👦FamilyFamily Man Man Boy Boy, Home, Parents, People, Human, Children
👭Women Holding HandsWomen Holding Hands, Pair, Friendship, Couple, Love, Like, Female, People, Human
👩‍✈️Woman PilotWoman Pilot, Aviator, Plane, Woman, Human
👋Waving HandWaving Hand, Hands, Gesture, Goodbye, Solong, Farewell, Hello, Hi, Palm
🧑‍⚖️JudgeJudge, Law
💁‍♂️Man Tipping HandMan Tipping Hand, Male, Boy, Man, Human, Information
🧑‍🦱PersonPerson Curly Hair, Hairstyle
👩‍🦲WomanWoman Bald, Hairless
🏃‍♂️Man RunningMan Running, Man, Walking, Exercise, Race, Running
👨‍👨‍👦FamilyFamily Man Man Boy, Home, Parents, People, Human, Children
🫷⊛ Leftwards Pushing HandLeftwards Pushing Hand, Highfive, Pressing, Stop
👩‍🎨Woman ArtistWoman Artist, Painter, Woman, Human
🧑‍🚀AstronautAstronaut, Outerspace
👩‍🦯Woman With White CaneWoman With Probing Cane, Blind
👩‍👧‍👧FamilyFamily Woman Girl Girl, Home, Parent, People, Human, Children
🤚Raised Back Of HandRaised Back Of Hand, Fingers, Raised, Backhand
🙍‍♂️Man FrowningMan Frowning, Male, Boy, Man, Sad, Depressed, Discouraged, Unhappy
🧔‍♂️ManMan Beard, Facial Hair
🧟ZombieZombie, Dead
🦹SupervillainSupervillain, Marvel
⛹️‍♂️Man Bouncing BallMan Bouncing Ball, Sport
👨‍🔬Man ScientistMan Scientist, Biologist, Chemist, Engineer, Physicist, Man, Human
🤳SelfieSelfie, Camera, Phone
👩‍❤️‍👨Couple With HeartCouple With Heart Woman Man, Love
👩‍🏭Woman Factory WorkerWoman Factory Worker, Assembly, Industrial, Woman, Human
🧖‍♀️Woman In Steamy RoomWoman In Steamy Room, Female, Woman, Spa, Steamroom, Sauna
🙋Person Raising HandPerson Raising Hand, Question
👮Police OfficerPolice Officer, Cop
✋Raised HandRaised Hand, Fingers, Stop, Highfive, Palm, Ban
🧑‍🏭Factory WorkerFactory Worker, Labor
👩‍🦱WomanWoman Curly Hair, Hairstyle
🧑PersonPerson, Gender Neutral
👬Men Holding HandsMen Holding Hands, Pair, Couple, Love, Like, Bromance, Friendship, People, Human
🧑‍🎓StudentStudent, Learn
👨‍🍼Man Feeding BabyMan Feeding Baby, Birth, Food
🏌Person Golfing
🙎‍♂️Man PoutingMan Pouting, Male, Boy, Man
🦷ToothTooth, Teeth, Dentist
🏄‍♀️Woman SurfingWoman Surfing, Sports, Ocean, Sea, Summer, Beach, Woman, Female
👩‍👧FamilyFamily Woman Girl, Home, Parent, People, Human, Child
🕺Man DancingMan Dancing, Male, Boy, Fun, Dancer
👩‍💼Woman Office WorkerWoman Office Worker, Business, Manager, Woman, Human
✌Victory Hand
🤙Call Me HandCall Me Hand, Hands, Gesture, Shaka
👆Backhand Index Pointing UpBackhand Index Pointing Up, Fingers, Hand, Direction, Up
👏Clapping HandsClapping Hands, Hands, Praise, Applause, Congrats, Yay
🙌Raising HandsRaising Hands, Gesture, Hooray, Yea, Celebration, Hands
🤱Breast-FeedingBreast Feeding, Nursing, Baby
🤸Person CartwheelingPerson Cartwheeling, Sport, Gymnastic
🤜Right-Facing FistRight Facing Fist, Hand, Fistbump
🤽‍♀️Woman Playing Water PoloWoman Playing Water Polo, Sports, Pool
👨ManMan, Mustache, Father, Dad, Guy, Classy, Sir, Moustache
🧛VampireVampire, Blood, Twilight
🧝‍♀️Woman ElfWoman Elf, Woman, Female
🚣‍♀️Woman Rowing BoatWoman Rowing Boat, Sports, Hobby, Water, Ship, Woman, Female
👉Backhand Index Pointing RightBackhand Index Pointing Right, Fingers, Hand, Direction, Right
👨‍🦱ManMan Curly Hair, Hairstyle
👨‍🦲ManMan Bald, Hairless
Animals & Nature
Glyph Emoji Name Keywords
🐎HorseHorse, Animal, Gamble, Luck
🐅TigerTiger, Animal, Nature, Roar
🐧PenguinPenguin, Animal, Nature
🐴Horse FaceHorse Face, Animal, Brown, Nature
🐊CrocodileCrocodile, Animal, Nature, Reptile, Lizard, Alligator
🦟MosquitoMosquito, Animal, Nature, Insect, Malaria
🐈CatCat, Animal, Meow, Pet, Cats
🐺WolfWolf, Animal, Nature, Wild
🐲Dragon FaceDragon Face, Animal, Myth, Nature, Chinese, Green
🦖T-RexT Rex, Animal, Nature, Dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus, Extinct
🪶FeatherFeather, Bird, Fly
🐋WhaleWhale, Animal, Nature, Sea, Ocean
🦕SauropodSauropod, Animal, Nature, Dinosaur, Brachiosaurus, Brontosaurus, Diplodocus, Extinct
🦏RhinocerosRhinoceros, Animal, Nature, Horn
🦌DeerDeer, Animal, Nature, Horns, Venison
🐏RamRam, Animal, Sheep, Nature
🦫BeaverBeaver, Animal, Rodent
🪲BeetleBeetle, Insect
🦄UnicornUnicorn, Animal, Nature, Mystical
🦛HippopotamusHippopotamus, Animal, Nature
🌲Evergreen TreeEvergreen Tree, Plant, Nature
🦂ScorpionScorpion, Animal, Arachnid
🌴Palm TreePalm Tree, Plant, Vegetable, Nature, Summer, Beach, Mojito, Tropical
🦒GiraffeGiraffe, Animal, Nature, Spots, Safari
🐜AntAnt, Animal, Insect, Nature, Bug
🥀Wilted FlowerWilted Flower, Plant, Nature, Flower, Rose
🐚Spiral ShellSpiral Shell, Nature, Sea, Beach
💮White FlowerWhite Flower, Japanese, Spring
🦠MicrobeMicrobe, Amoeba, Bacteria, Germs, Virus, Covid
🌱SeedlingSeedling, Plant, Nature, Grass, Lawn, Spring
🐆LeopardLeopard, Animal, Nature
💐BouquetBouquet, Flowers, Nature, Spring
🐇RabbitRabbit, Animal, Nature, Pet, Magic, Spring
🪴Potted PlantPotted Plant, Greenery, House
🐯Tiger FaceTiger Face, Animal, Cat, Danger, Wild, Nature, Roar
🌷TulipTulip, Flowers, Plant, Nature, Summer, Spring
🐩PoodlePoodle, Dog, Animal, 101, Nature, Pet
🐄CowCow, Beef, Ox, Animal, Nature, Moo, Milk
🐭Mouse FaceMouse Face, Animal, Nature, Cheese Wedge, Rodent
🐸FrogFrog, Animal, Nature, Croak, Toad
🐂OxOx, Animal, Cow, Beef
🐟FishFish, Animal, Food, Nature
🐻BearBear, Animal, Nature, Wild
🪺Nest With EggsNest With Eggs, Bird
🦊FoxFox, Animal, Nature, Face
🐌SnailSnail, Slow, Animal, Shell
🐼PandaPanda, Animal, Nature
🐒MonkeyMonkey, Animal, Nature, Banana, Circus
🐨KoalaKoala, Animal, Nature
🐫Two-Hump CamelTwo Hump Camel, Animal, Nature, Hot, Desert, Hump
🍁Maple LeafMaple Leaf, Nature, Plant, Vegetable, Ca, Fall
🦡BadgerBadger, Animal, Nature, Honey
🐰Rabbit FaceRabbit Face, Animal, Nature, Pet, Spring, Magic, Bunny
🦦OtterOtter, Animal
🦤DodoDodo, Animal, Bird
🐕DogDog, Animal, Nature, Friend, Doge, Pet, Faithful
🐤Baby ChickBaby Chick, Animal, Chicken, Bird
🪰FlyFly, Insect
🌹RoseRose, Flowers, Valentines, Love, Spring
🦃TurkeyTurkey, Animal, Bird
🌳Deciduous TreeDeciduous Tree, Plant, Nature
🐶Dog FaceDog Face, Animal, Friend, Nature, Woof, Puppy, Pet, Faithful
🐞Lady BeetleLady Beetle, Animal, Insect, Nature, Ladybug
🦘KangarooKangaroo, Animal, Nature, Australia, Joey, Hop, Marsupial
🐬DolphinDolphin, Animal, Nature, Fish, Sea, Ocean, Flipper, Fins, Beach
🐐GoatGoat, Animal, Nature
🐦‍⬛⊛ Black BirdBlack Bird, Crow
🐥Front-Facing Baby ChickFront Facing Baby Chick, Animal, Chicken, Baby, Bird
🍃Leaf Fluttering In WindLeaf Fluttering In Wind, Nature, Plant, Tree, Vegetable, Grass, Lawn, Spring
🐍SnakeSnake, Animal, Evil, Nature, Hiss, Python
🪳CockroachCockroach, Insect, Pests
🐖PigPig, Animal, Nature
🕸Spider Web
🦩FlamingoFlamingo, Animal
🦅EagleEagle, Animal, Nature, Bird
🦉OwlOwl, Animal, Nature, Bird, Hoot
🌼BlossomBlossom, Nature, Flowers, Yellow
🐻‍❄️Polar BearPolar Bear, Animal, Arctic
🦬BisonBison, Ox
🪱WormWorm, Animal
🦥SlothSloth, Animal
🐃Water BuffaloWater Buffalo, Animal, Nature, Ox, Cow
🐪CamelCamel, Animal, Hot, Desert, Hump
🐗BoarBoar, Animal, Nature
🦋ButterflyButterfly, Animal, Insect, Nature, Caterpillar
🪿⊛ GooseGoose, Silly, Jemima, Goosebumps
🌸Cherry BlossomCherry Blossom, Nature, Plant, Spring, Flower
🫎⊛ MooseMoose, Shrek, Canada, Sweden, Sven, Cool
🌻SunflowerSunflower, Nature, Plant, Fall
🦁LionLion, Animal, Nature
🪼⊛ JellyfishJellyfish, Sting, Tentacles
🪸CoralCoral, Ocean, Sea, Reef
🦓ZebraZebra, Animal, Nature, Stripes, Safari
🦮Guide DogGuide Dog, Animal, Blind
🦍GorillaGorilla, Animal, Nature, Circus
🐹HamsterHamster, Animal, Nature
🐙OctopusOctopus, Animal, Creature, Ocean, Sea, Nature, Beach
🐾Paw PrintsPaw Prints, Animal, Tracking, Footprints, Dog, Cat, Pet, Feet
🦙LlamaLlama, Animal, Nature, Alpaca
🦈SharkShark, Animal, Nature, Fish, Sea, Ocean, Jaws, Fins, Beach
🐵Monkey FaceMonkey Face, Animal, Nature, Circus
🦚PeacockPeacock, Animal, Nature, Peahen, Bird
🐉DragonDragon, Animal, Myth, Nature, Chinese, Green
🐓RoosterRooster, Animal, Nature, Chicken
🐽Pig NosePig Nose, Animal, Oink
🦜ParrotParrot, Animal, Nature, Bird, Pirate, Talk
🦢SwanSwan, Animal, Nature, Bird
🦔HedgehogHedgehog, Animal, Nature, Spiny
🐑EweEwe, Animal, Nature, Wool, Shipit
🐈‍⬛Black CatBlack Cat, Superstition, Luck
🐝HoneybeeHoneybee, Animal, Insect, Nature, Bug, Spring, Honey
🌵CactusCactus, Vegetable, Plant, Nature
🦣MammothMammoth, Elephant, Tusks
🐮Cow FaceCow Face, Beef, Ox, Animal, Nature, Moo, Milk
🪹Empty NestEmpty Nest, Bird
🐱Cat FaceCat Face, Animal, Meow, Nature, Pet, Kitten
🦧OrangutanOrangutan, Animal
🦆DuckDuck, Animal, Nature, Bird, Mallard
🦝RaccoonRaccoon, Animal, Nature
🐔ChickenChicken, Animal, Cluck, Nature, Bird
🦎LizardLizard, Animal, Nature, Reptile
🪷LotusLotus, Flower, Calm, Meditation
🪽⊛ WingWing, Angel, Birds, Flying
🦇BatBat, Animal, Nature, Blind, Vampire
🐛BugBug, Animal, Insect, Nature, Worm
🐦BirdBird, Animal, Nature, Fly, Tweet, Spring
🌿HerbHerb, Vegetable, Plant, Medicine, Weed, Grass, Lawn
🪻⊛ HyacinthHyacinth, Flower, Lavender
🐳Spouting WhaleSpouting Whale, Animal, Nature, Sea, Ocean
🦨SkunkSkunk, Animal
🦗CricketCricket, Animal, Chirp
🫏⊛ DonkeyDonkey, Eeyore, Mule
🐡BlowfishBlowfish, Animal, Nature, Food, Sea, Ocean
🐢TurtleTurtle, Animal, Slow, Nature, Tortoise
🐘ElephantElephant, Animal, Nature, Nose, Th, Circus
🍀Four Leaf CloverFour Leaf Clover, Vegetable, Plant, Nature, Lucky, Irish
🌺HibiscusHibiscus, Plant, Vegetable, Flowers, Beach
🦭SealSeal, Animal, Creature, Sea
🍄MushroomMushroom, Plant, Vegetable
🐁MouseMouse, Animal, Nature, Rodent
🐕‍🦺Service DogService Dog, Blind, Animal
🌾Sheaf Of RiceSheaf Of Rice, Nature, Plant
🐀RatRat, Animal, Mouse, Rodent
🐣Hatching ChickHatching Chick, Animal, Chicken, Egg, Born, Baby, Bird
🐠Tropical FishTropical Fish, Animal, Swim, Ocean, Beach, Nemo
🐷Pig FacePig Face, Animal, Oink, Nature
🍂Fallen LeafFallen Leaf, Nature, Plant, Vegetable, Leaves
Food & Drink
Glyph Emoji Name Keywords
🍿PopcornPopcorn, Food, Movie Theater, Films, Snack, Drama
🍖Meat On BoneMeat On Bone, Good, Food, Drumstick
🍠Roasted Sweet PotatoRoasted Sweet Potato, Food, Nature, Plant
🍜Steaming BowlSteaming Bowl, Food, Japanese, Noodle, Chopsticks, Ramen
🦐ShrimpShrimp, Animal, Ocean, Nature, Seafood
🍉WatermelonWatermelon, Fruit, Food, Picnic, Summer
🍾Bottle With Popping CorkBottle With Popping Cork, Drink, Wine, Bottle, Celebration
🥖Baguette BreadBaguette Bread, Food, Bread, French, France, Bakery
🫘BeansBeans, Food
🍹Tropical DrinkTropical Drink, Beverage, Cocktail, Summer, Beach, Alcohol, Booze, Mojito
🥘Shallow Pan Of FoodShallow Pan Of Food, Food, Cooking, Casserole, Paella, Skillet
🫙JarJar, Container, Sauce
🎂Birthday CakeBirthday Cake, Food, Dessert, Cake
🥨PretzelPretzel, Food, Bread, Twisted, Germany, Bakery
🧁CupcakeCupcake, Food, Dessert, Bakery, Sweet
🍟French FriesFrench Fries, Chips, Snack, Fast Food, Potato
🍓StrawberryStrawberry, Fruit, Food, Nature
🫓FlatbreadFlatbread, Flour, Food, Bakery
🥠Fortune CookieFortune Cookie, Food, Prophecy, Dessert
🥟DumplingDumpling, Food, Empanada, Pierogi, Potsticker, Gyoza
🍢OdenOden, Food, Japanese
🍲Pot Of FoodPot Of Food, Food, Meat, Soup, Hot Pot
🍻Clinking Beer MugsClinking Beer Mugs, Relax, Beverage, Drink, Drunk, Party, Pub, Summer, Alcohol, Booze
🥡Takeout BoxTakeout Box, Food, Leftovers
🫛⊛ Pea PodPea Pod, Cozy, Green
🍋LemonLemon, Fruit, Nature
🍌BananaBanana, Fruit, Food, Monkey
🧇WaffleWaffle, Food, Breakfast, Brunch
🍷Wine GlassWine Glass, Drink, Beverage, Drunk, Alcohol, Booze
🍧Shaved IceShaved Ice, Hot, Dessert, Summer
🥛Glass Of MilkGlass Of Milk, Beverage, Drink, Cow
🫒OliveOlive, Fruit
🫗Pouring LiquidPouring Liquid, Cup, Water
🥓BaconBacon, Food, Breakfast, Pork, Pig, Meat, Brunch
🍎Red AppleRed Apple, Fruit, Mac, School
🍭LollipopLollipop, Food, Snack, Candy, Sweet
🦑SquidSquid, Animal, Nature, Ocean, Sea
🍯Honey PotHoney Pot, Bees, Sweet, Kitchen
🍊TangerineTangerine, Food, Fruit, Nature, Orange
🥙Stuffed FlatbreadStuffed Flatbread, Food, Flatbread, Stuffed, Gyro, Mediterranean
🥤Cup With StrawCup With Straw, Drink, Soda
🍰ShortcakeShortcake, Food, Dessert
🧂SaltSalt, Condiment, Shaker
🍸Cocktail GlassCocktail Glass, Drink, Drunk, Alcohol, Beverage, Booze, Mojito
🧆FalafelFalafel, Food, Mediterranean
🥭MangoMango, Fruit, Food, Tropical
🍵Teacup Without HandleTeacup Without Handle, Drink, Bowl, Breakfast, Green, British
🍽Fork And Knife With Plate
🍨Ice CreamIce Cream, Food, Hot, Dessert
🥪SandwichSandwich, Food, Lunch, Bread, Toast, Bakery
🥒CucumberCucumber, Fruit, Food, Pickle
🍶SakeSake, Wine, Drink, Drunk, Beverage, Japanese, Alcohol, Booze
🔪Kitchen KnifeKitchen Knife, Knife, Blade, Cutlery, Kitchen, Weapon
🍈MelonMelon, Fruit, Nature, Food
🍘Rice CrackerRice Cracker, Food, Japanese, Snack
🧅OnionOnion, Cook, Food, Spice
🍳CookingCooking, Food, Breakfast, Kitchen, Egg, Skillet
🍚Cooked RiceCooked Rice, Food, Asian
🧀Cheese WedgeCheese Wedge, Food, Chadder, Swiss
🍍PineapplePineapple, Fruit, Nature, Food
🍅TomatoTomato, Fruit, Vegetable, Nature, Food
🍙Rice BallRice Ball, Food, Japanese
🍥Fish Cake With SwirlFish Cake With Swirl, Food, Japan, Sea, Beach, Narutomaki, Pink, Swirl, Kamaboko, Surimi, Ramen
🌯BurritoBurrito, Food, Mexican
🥜PeanutsPeanuts, Food, Nut
🥧PiePie, Food, Dessert, Pastry
🥮Moon CakeMoon Cake, Food, Autumn, Dessert
🫖TeapotTeapot, Drink, Hot
🥩Cut Of MeatCut Of Meat, Food, Cow, Meat, Cut, Chop, Lambchop, Porkchop
🫔TamaleTamale, Food, Masa
🍺Beer MugBeer Mug, Relax, Beverage, Drink, Drunk, Party, Pub, Summer, Alcohol, Booze
🍕PizzaPizza, Food, Party, Italy
🍼Baby BottleBaby Bottle, Food, Container, Milk
🍗Poultry LegPoultry Leg, Food, Meat, Drumstick, Bird, Chicken, Turkey
🍱Bento BoxBento Box, Food, Japanese, Box, Lunch
🍬CandyCandy, Snack, Dessert, Sweet, Lolly
🍔HamburgerHamburger, Meat, Fast Food, Beef, Cheeseburger, Mcdonalds, Burger King
🫕FondueFondue, Cheese, Pot, Food
🥦BroccoliBroccoli, Fruit, Food, Vegetable
🍪CookieCookie, Food, Snack, Oreo, Chocolate, Sweet, Dessert
🦞LobsterLobster, Animal, Nature, Bisque, Claws, Seafood
🥔PotatoPotato, Food, Tuber, Vegatable, Starch
🧋Bubble TeaBubble Tea, Taiwan, Boba, Milk Tea, Straw
🍣SushiSushi, Food, Fish, Japanese, Rice
🥞PancakesPancakes, Food, Breakfast, Flapjacks, Hotcakes, Brunch
🧄GarlicGarlic, Food, Spice, Cook
🌶Hot Pepper
🦪OysterOyster, Food
🥫Canned FoodCanned Food, Food, Soup, Tomatoes
🌽Ear Of CornEar Of Corn, Food, Vegetable, Plant
🧊IceIce, Water, Cold
🥣Bowl With SpoonBowl With Spoon, Food, Breakfast, Cereal, Oatmeal, Porridge
🧃Beverage BoxBeverage Box, Drink
🥝Kiwi FruitKiwi Fruit, Fruit, Food
🥚EggEgg, Food, Chicken, Breakfast
🍞BreadBread, Food, Wheat, Breakfast, Toast
🍫Chocolate BarChocolate Bar, Food, Snack, Dessert, Sweet
🍆EggplantEggplant, Vegetable, Nature, Food, Aubergine
🌮TacoTaco, Food, Mexican
🍒CherriesCherries, Food, Fruit
🥐CroissantCroissant, Food, Bread, French
🫚⊛ Ginger RootGinger Root, Spice, Yellow, Cooking, Gingerbread
🧉MateMate, Drink, Tea, Beverage
🍴Fork And KnifeFork And Knife, Cutlery, Kitchen
🧈ButterButter, Food, Cook
🥬Leafy GreenLeafy Green, Food, Vegetable, Plant, Bok Choy, Cabbage, Kale, Lettuce
🍇GrapesGrapes, Fruit, Food, Wine
🍮CustardCustard, Dessert, Food
🍝SpaghettiSpaghetti, Food, Italian, Pasta, Noodle
🥯BagelBagel, Food, Bread, Bakery, Schmear, Jewish Bakery
🍑PeachPeach, Fruit, Nature, Food
🏺AmphoraAmphora, Vase, Jar
🥕CarrotCarrot, Vegetable, Food, Orange
🍛Curry RiceCurry Rice, Food, Spicy, Hot, Indian
🌰ChestnutChestnut, Food, Squirrel
🍤Fried ShrimpFried Shrimp, Food, Animal, Appetizer, Summer
🥄SpoonSpoon, Cutlery, Kitchen, Tableware
☕Hot BeverageHot Beverage, Beverage, Caffeine, Latte, Espresso, Coffee, Mug
🥃Tumbler GlassTumbler Glass, Drink, Beverage, Drunk, Alcohol, Liquor, Booze, Bourbon, Scotch, Whisky, Glass, Shot
🍏Green AppleGreen Apple, Fruit, Nature
🫑Bell PepperBell Pepper, Fruit, Plant
🥑AvocadoAvocado, Fruit, Food
🍦Soft Ice CreamSoft Ice Cream, Food, Hot, Dessert, Summer
🥗Green SaladGreen Salad, Food, Healthy, Lettuce, Vegetable
🥥CoconutCoconut, Fruit, Nature, Food, Palm
🍩DoughnutDoughnut, Food, Dessert, Snack, Sweet, Donut
🍡DangoDango, Food, Dessert, Sweet, Japanese, Barbecue, Meat
🫐BlueberriesBlueberries, Fruit
🥢ChopsticksChopsticks, Food
🦀CrabCrab, Animal, Crustacean
🌭Hot DogHot Dog, Food, Frankfurter, America
🥂Clinking GlassesClinking Glasses, Beverage, Drink, Party, Alcohol, Celebrate, Cheers, Wine, Champagne, Toast
🍐PearPear, Fruit, Nature, Food
Glyph Emoji Name Keywords
🥎SoftballSoftball, Sports, Balls
🏉Rugby FootballRugby Football, Sports, Team
🎇SparklerSparkler, Stars, Night, Shine
🎃Jack-O-LanternJack O Lantern, Halloween, Light, Pumpkin, Creepy, Fall
⛸Ice Skate
🏑Field HockeyField Hockey, Sports
🎮Video GameVideo Game, Play, Console, PS 4, Controller
♣Club Suit
🏓Ping PongPing Pong, Sports, Pingpong
🤿Diving MaskDiving Mask, Sport, Ocean
🏏Cricket GameCricket Game, Sports
🎗Reminder Ribbon
🎊Confetti BallConfetti Ball, Festival, Party, Birthday, Circus
🏀BasketballBasketball, Sports, Balls, NBA
🎨Artist PaletteArtist Palette, Design, Paint, Draw, Colors
🎐Wind ChimeWind Chime, Nature, Ding, Spring, Bell
🖼Framed Picture
🎾TennisTennis, Sports, Balls, Green
🎟Admission Tickets
⚽Soccer BallSoccer Ball, Sports, Football
🎋Tanabata TreeTanabata Tree, Plant, Nature, Branch, Summer, Bamboo, Wish, Star Festival, Tanzaku
🪢KnotKnot, Rope, Scout
🪩Mirror BallMirror Ball, Disco, Dance, Party
🀄Mahjong Red DragonMahjong Red Dragon, Game, Play, Chinese, Kanji
🎍Pine DecorationPine Decoration, Japanese, Plant, Nature, Vegetable, Panda, New Years, Bamboo
🥈2nd Place Medal2nd Place Medal, Award, Second
🪄Magic WandMagic Wand, Supernature, Power
🔫Water PistolPistol, Violence, Weapon, Revolver
🎴Flower Playing CardsFlower Playing Cards, Game, Sunset, Red
🎿SkisSkis, Sports, Winter, Cold, Snow
🥌Curling StoneCurling Stone, Sports
🎣Fishing PoleFishing Pole, Food, Hobby, Summer
🧸Teddy BearTeddy Bear, Plush, Stuffed
🏈American FootballAmerican Football, Sports, Balls, NFL
🎉Party PopperParty Popper, Party, Congratulations, Birthday, Magic, Circus, Celebration, Tada
🎎Japanese DollsJapanese Dolls, Japanese, Toy, Kimono
🏅Sports MedalSports Medal, Award, Winning
⛳Flag In HoleFlag In Hole, Sports, Business, Flag, Hole, Summer
🎭Performing ArtsPerforming Arts, Acting, Theater, Drama
🎲Game DieGame Die, Dice, Random, Tabletop, Play, Luck
⚾BaseballBaseball, Sports, Balls
🧧Red EnvelopeRed Envelope, Gift
🥊Boxing GloveBoxing Glove, Sports, Fighting
♥Heart Suit
🪀Yo-YoYo Yo, Toy
🎏Carp StreamerCarp Streamer, Fish, Japanese, Koinobori, Carp, Banner
🧵ThreadThread, Needle, Sewing, Spool, String
🔮Crystal BallCrystal Ball, Disco, Party, Magic, Circus, Fortune Teller
🪅PiñAtaPinata, Mexico, Candy, Celebration
♠Spade Suit
🎱Pool 8 BallPool 8 Ball, Pool, Hobby, Game, Luck, Magic
🎫TicketTicket, Event, Concert, Pass
🪡Sewing NeedleSewing Needle, Stitches
🎖Military Medal
🥉3rd Place Medal3rd Place Medal, Award, Third
🪆Nesting DollsNesting Dolls, Matryoshka, Toy
🧩Puzzle PiecePuzzle Piece, Interlocking, Puzzle, Piece
🏆TrophyTrophy, Win, Award, Contest, Place, Ftw, Ceremony
🥏Flying DiscFlying Disc, Sports, Frisbee, Ultimate
🃏JokerJoker, Poker, Cards, Game, Play, Magic
🎁Wrapped GiftWrapped Gift, Present, Birthday, Christmas, Xmas
✨SparklesSparkles, Stars, Shine, Shiny, Cool, Awesome, Good, Magic
🎯BullseyeDirect Hit, Game, Play, Bar, Target, Bullseye
🛷SledSled, Sleigh, Luge, Toboggan
♦Diamond Suit
🎄Christmas TreeChristmas Tree, Festival, Vacation, December, Xmas, Celebration
🎳BowlingBowling, Sports, Fun, Play
🎽Running ShirtRunning Shirt, Play, Pageant
🧶YarnYarn, Ball, Crochet, Knit
🥅Goal NetGoal Net, Sports
🏒Ice HockeyIce Hockey, Sports
🥋Martial Arts UniformMartial Arts Uniform, Judo, Karate, Taekwondo
🎀RibbonRibbon, Decoration, Pink, Girl, Bowtie
♟Chess Pawn
🪁KiteKite, Wind, Fly
🏸BadmintonBadminton, Sports
🧨FirecrackerFirecracker, Dynamite, Boom, Explode, Explosion, Explosive
🥇1st Place Medal1st Place Medal, Award, Winning, First
🏐VolleyballVolleyball, Sports, Balls
🎑Moon Viewing CeremonyMoon Viewing Ceremony, Photo, Japan, Asia, Tsukimi
🎆FireworksFireworks, Photo, Festival, Carnival, Congratulations
🎈BalloonBalloon, Party, Celebration, Birthday, Circus
🥍LacrosseLacrosse, Sports, Ball, Stick
🎰Slot MachineSlot Machine, Bet, Gamble, Vegas, Fruit Machine, Luck, Casino
Travel & Places
Glyph Emoji Name Keywords
🚘Oncoming AutomobileOncoming Automobile, Car, Vehicle, Transportation
🏖Beach With Umbrella
🌙Crescent MoonCrescent Moon, Night, Sleep, Sky, Evening, Magic
🚆TrainTrain, Transportation, Vehicle
🎢Roller CoasterRoller Coaster, Carnival, Playground, Photo, Fun
🏫SchoolSchool, Building, Student, Education, Learn, Teach
🕧Twelve-ThirtyTwelve Thirty, 00 30, 0030, 12 30, 1230, Time, Late, Early, Schedule
🚏Bus StopBus Stop, Transportation, Wait
⭐StarStar, Night, Yellow
🌚New Moon FaceNew Moon Face, Nature, Twilight, Planet, Space, Night, Evening, Sleep
🕰Mantelpiece Clock
🚙Sport Utility VehicleSport Utility Vehicle, Transportation, Vehicle
🚇MetroMetro, Transportation, Blue Square, Mrt, Underground, Tube
🚢ShipShip, Transportation, Titanic, Deploy
☔Umbrella With Rain DropsUmbrella With Rain Drops, Rainy, Weather, Spring
🏯Japanese CastleJapanese Castle, Photo, Building
🕕Six O’ClockSix O Clock, 6, 6 00, 600, 18 00, 1800, Time, Late, Early, Schedule, Dawn, Dusk
🔥FireFire, Hot, Cook, Flame
🌥Sun Behind Large Cloud
🚂LocomotiveLocomotive, Transportation, Vehicle, Train
♨Hot Springs
🌤Sun Behind Small Cloud
🌝Full Moon FaceFull Moon Face, Nature, Twilight, Planet, Space, Night, Evening, Sleep
🌏Globe Showing Asia-AustraliaGlobe Showing Asia Australia, Globe, World, East, International
🏭FactoryFactory, Building, Industry, Pollution, Smoke
🕤Nine-ThirtyNine Thirty, 9 30, 930, 21 30, 2130, Time, Late, Early, Schedule
🌦Sun Behind Rain Cloud
🏥HospitalHospital, Building, Health, Surgery, Doctor
🕔Five O’ClockFive O Clock, 5, 5 00, 500, 17 00, 1700, Time, Late, Early, Schedule
🌜Last Quarter Moon FaceLast Quarter Moon Face, Nature, Twilight, Planet, Space, Night, Evening, Sleep
🕗Eight O’ClockEight O Clock, 8, 8 00, 800, 20 00, 2000, Time, Late, Early, Schedule
⛽Fuel PumpFuel Pump, Gas Station, Petroleum
🛩Small Airplane
🧭CompassCompass, Magnetic, Navigation, Orienteering
💈Barber PoleBarber Pole, Hair, Salon, Style
🚐MinibusMinibus, Vehicle, Car, Transportation
🛳Passenger Ship
🕚Eleven O’ClockEleven O Clock, 11, 11 00, 1100, 23 00, 2300, Time, Late, Early, Schedule
🚍Oncoming BusOncoming Bus, Vehicle, Transportation
🛥Motor Boat
🦼Motorized WheelchairMotorized Wheelchair, Accessibility
⛪ChurchChurch, Building, Religion, Christ
🚃Railway CarRailway Car, Transportation, Vehicle
⛺TentTent, Photo, Camping, Outdoors
🛑Stop SignStop Sign, Stop
🚎TrolleybusTrolleybus, Bart, Transportation, Vehicle
🌄Sunrise Over MountainsSunrise Over Mountains, View, Vacation, Photo
🦽Manual WheelchairManual Wheelchair, Accessibility
🚦Vertical Traffic LightVertical Traffic Light, Transportation, Driving
🕙Ten O’ClockTen O Clock, 10, 10 00, 1000, 22 00, 2200, Time, Late, Early, Schedule
🏚Derelict House
🏗Building Construction
⛈Cloud With Lightning And Rain
🕓Four O’ClockFour O Clock, 4, 4 00, 400, 16 00, 1600, Time, Late, Early, Schedule
🚄High-Speed TrainHigh Speed Train, Transportation, Vehicle
🪂ParachuteParachute, Fly, Glide
🧱BrickBrick, Bricks
🕒Three O’ClockThree O Clock, 3, 3 00, 300, 15 00, 1500, Time, Late, Early, Schedule
💧DropletDroplet, Water, Drip, Faucet, Spring
🚔Oncoming Police CarOncoming Police Car, Vehicle, Law, Legal, Enforcement, 911
🛟Ring BuoyRing Buoy, Life Saver, Life Preserver
🏣Japanese Post OfficeJapanese Post Office, Building, Envelope, Communication
🕠Five-ThirtyFive Thirty, 5 30, 530, 17 30, 1730, Time, Late, Early, Schedule
🕡Six-ThirtySix Thirty, 6 30, 630, 18 30, 1830, Time, Late, Early, Schedule
🌖Waning Gibbous MoonWaning Gibbous Moon, Nature, Twilight, Planet, Space, Night, Evening, Sleep, Waxing Gibbous Moon
🏛Classical Building
🌗Last Quarter MoonLast Quarter Moon, Nature, Twilight, Planet, Space, Night, Evening, Sleep
🚖Oncoming TaxiOncoming Taxi, Vehicle, Cars, Uber
🌆Cityscape At DuskCityscape At Dusk, Photo, Evening, Sky, Buildings
🚥Horizontal Traffic LightHorizontal Traffic Light, Transportation, Signal
⛲FountainFountain, Photo, Summer, Water, Fresh
🗼Tokyo TowerTokyo Tower, Photo, Japanese
🏡House With GardenHouse With Garden, Home, Plant, Nature
🌐Globe With MeridiansGlobe With Meridians, Earth, International, World, Internet, Interweb, I 18 N
🚋Tram CarTram Car, Transportation, Vehicle, Carriage, Public, Travel
🌊Water WaveWater Wave, Sea, Water, Wave, Nature, Tsunami, Disaster
⛱Umbrella On Ground
🛫Airplane DepartureAirplane Departure, Airport, Flight, Landing
🚊TramTram, Transportation, Vehicle
🚚Delivery TruckDelivery Truck, Cars, Transportation
🌠Shooting StarShooting Star, Night, Photo
🕛Twelve O’ClockTwelve O Clock, 12, 00 00, 0000, 12 00, 1200, Time, Noon, Midnight, Midday, Late, Early, Schedule
🕦Eleven-ThirtyEleven Thirty, 11 30, 1130, 23 30, 2330, Time, Late, Early, Schedule
🕟Four-ThirtyFour Thirty, 4 30, 430, 16 30, 1630, Time, Late, Early, Schedule
🕥Ten-ThirtyTen Thirty, 10 30, 1030, 22 30, 2230, Time, Late, Early, Schedule
🕘Nine O’ClockNine O Clock, 9, 9 00, 900, 21 00, 2100, Time, Late, Early, Schedule
🏞National Park
🌘Waning Crescent MoonWaning Crescent Moon, Nature, Twilight, Planet, Space, Night, Evening, Sleep
🛢Oil Drum
🛖HutHut, House, Structure
🌑New MoonNew Moon, Nature, Twilight, Planet, Space, Night, Evening, Sleep
⏰Alarm ClockAlarm Clock, Time, Wake
🛎Bellhop Bell
🚉StationStation, Transportation, Vehicle, Public
💒WeddingWedding, Love, Like, Affection, Couple, Marriage, Bride, Groom
🚁HelicopterHelicopter, Transportation, Vehicle, Fly
🗽Statue Of LibertyStatue Of Liberty, American, Newyork
🕣Eight-ThirtyEight Thirty, 8 30, 830, 20 30, 2030, Time, Late, Early, Schedule
🕐One O’ClockOne O Clock, 1, 1 00, 100, 13 00, 1300, Time, Late, Early, Schedule
🚝MonorailMonorail, Transportation, Vehicle
🕑Two O’ClockTwo O Clock, 2, 2 00, 200, 14 00, 1400, Time, Late, Early, Schedule
🚒Fire EngineFire Engine, Transportation, Cars, Vehicle
🌔Waxing Gibbous MoonWaxing Gibbous Moon, Nature, Night, Sky, Gray, Twilight, Planet, Space, Evening, Sleep
🗾Map Of JapanMap Of Japan, Nation, Country, Japanese, Asia
🕝Two-ThirtyTwo Thirty, 2 30, 230, 14 30, 1430, Time, Late, Early, Schedule
🛝Playground SlidePlayground Slide, Fun, Park
🛸Flying SaucerFlying Saucer, Transportation, Vehicle, Ufo
🛬Airplane ArrivalAirplane Arrival, Airport, Flight, Boarding
🛵Motor ScooterMotor Scooter, Vehicle, Vespa, Sasha
🚲BicycleBicycle, Bike, Sports, Exercise, Hipster
🌃Night With StarsNight With Stars, Evening, City, Downtown
🚈Light RailLight Rail, Transportation, Vehicle
🌨Cloud With Snow
🗺World Map
🏪Convenience StoreConvenience Store, Building, Shopping, Groceries
⛅Sun Behind CloudSun Behind Cloud, Weather, Nature, Cloudy, Morning, Fall, Spring
🚀RocketRocket, Launch, Ship, Staffmode, NASA, Outer Space, Outer Space, Fly
🧳LuggageLuggage, Packing, Travel
⏳Hourglass Not DoneHourglass Not Done, Oldschool, Time, Countdown
⏲Timer Clock
🗻Mount FujiMount Fuji, Photo, Mountain, Nature, Japanese
🕢Seven-ThirtySeven Thirty, 7 30, 730, 19 30, 1930, Time, Late, Early, Schedule
🌟Glowing StarGlowing Star, Night, Sparkle, Awesome, Good, Magic
🚅Bullet TrainBullet Train, Transportation, Vehicle, Speed, Fast, Public, Travel
🏔Snow-Capped Mountain
🪐Ringed PlanetRinged Planet, Outerspace
🚧ConstructionConstruction, Wip, Progress, Caution, Warning
🏩Love HotelLove Hotel, Like, Affection, Dating
🌁FoggyFoggy, Photo, Mountain
🌕Full MoonFull Moon, Nature, Yellow, Twilight, Planet, Space, Night, Evening, Sleep
🏤Post OfficePost Office, Building, Email
⚓AnchorAnchor, Ship, Ferry, Sea, Boat
🏢Office BuildingOffice Building, Building, Bureau, Work
🛞WheelWheel, Car, Transport
🚞Mountain RailwayMountain Railway, Transportation, Vehicle
🚓Police CarPolice Car, Vehicle, Cars, Transportation, Law, Legal, Enforcement
🏰CastleCastle, Building, Royalty, History
🕍SynagogueSynagogue, Judaism, Worship, Temple, Jewish
🪵WoodWood, Nature, Timber, Trunk
🌌Milky WayMilky Way, Photo, Space, Stars
🛻Pickup TruckPickup Truck, Car, Transportation
🏠HouseHouse, Building, Home
⚡High VoltageHigh Voltage, Thunder, Weather, Lightning Bolt, Fast
🌧Cloud With Rain
🚟Suspension RailwaySuspension Railway, Vehicle, Transportation
🕞Three-ThirtyThree Thirty, 3 30, 330, 15 30, 1530, Time, Late, Early, Schedule
🪨RockRock, Stone
⛵SailboatSailboat, Ship, Summer, Transportation, Water, Sailing
🛴Kick ScooterKick Scooter, Vehicle, Kick, Razor
🌀CycloneCyclone, Weather, Swirl, Blue, Cloud, Vortex, Spiral, Whirlpool, Spin, Tornado, Hurricane, Typhoon
💺SeatSeat, Sit, Airplane, Transport, Bus, Flight, Fly
🌈RainbowRainbow, Nature, Happy, Unicorn Face, Photo, Sky, Spring
🎡Ferris WheelFerris Wheel, Photo, Carnival, Londoneye
🌉Bridge At NightBridge At Night, Photo, Sanfrancisco
🕌MosqueMosque, Islam, Worship, Minaret
🏬Department StoreDepartment Store, Building, Shopping, Mall
🛕Hindu TempleHindu Temple, Religion
🚡Aerial TramwayAerial Tramway, Transportation, Vehicle, Ski
🚛Articulated LorryArticulated Lorry, Vehicle, Cars, Transportation, Express
🌞Sun With FaceSun With Face, Nature, Morning, Sky
🚨Police Car LightPolice Car Light, Police, Ambulance, 911, Emergency, Alert, Error, Pinged, Law, Legal
🚕TaxiTaxi, Uber, Vehicle, Cars, Transportation
🛹SkateboardSkateboard, Board
🌓First Quarter MoonFirst Quarter Moon, Nature, Twilight, Planet, Space, Night, Evening, Sleep
🚠Mountain CablewayMountain Cableway, Transportation, Vehicle, Ski
🚌BusBus, Car, Vehicle, Transportation
🌒Waxing Crescent MoonWaxing Crescent Moon, Nature, Twilight, Planet, Space, Night, Evening, Sleep
🚗AutomobileAutomobile, Red, Transportation, Vehicle
🏎Racing Car
🏝Desert Island
🌅SunriseSunrise, Morning, View, Vacation, Photo
🎪Circus TentCircus Tent, Festival, Carnival, Party
🌎Globe Showing AmericasGlobe Showing Americas, Globe, World, USA, International
🚑AmbulanceAmbulance, Health, 911, Hospital
⛄Snowman Without SnowSnowman Without Snow, Winter, Season, Cold, Weather, Christmas, Xmas, Frozen, Without Snow
🌬Wind Face
🏦BankBank, Building, Money, Sales, Cash, Business, Enterprise
🚜TractorTractor, Vehicle, Car, Farming, Agriculture
🛼Roller SkateRoller Skate, Footwear, Sports
🎠Carousel HorseCarousel Horse, Photo, Carnival
⌛Hourglass DoneHourglass Done, Time, Clock, Oldschool, Limit, Exam, Quiz, Test
🌩Cloud With Lightning
🛺Auto RickshawAuto Rickshaw, Move, Transportation
🕖Seven O’ClockSeven O Clock, 7, 7 00, 700, 19 00, 1900, Time, Late, Early, Schedule
🌇SunsetSunset, Photo, Good Morning, Dawn
⛩Shinto Shrine
🌛First Quarter Moon FaceFirst Quarter Moon Face, Nature, Twilight, Planet, Space, Night, Evening, Sleep
🕜One-ThirtyOne Thirty, 1 30, 130, 13 30, 1330, Time, Late, Early, Schedule
🌍Globe Showing Europe-AfricaGlobe Showing Europe Africa, Globe, World, International
🌋VolcanoVolcano, Photo, Nature, Disaster
🕋KaabaKaaba, Mecca, Mosque, Islam
🌂Closed UmbrellaClosed Umbrella, Weather, Rain, Drizzle
🏨HotelHotel, Building, Accomodation, Checkin
⌚WatchWatch, Time, Accessories
🚤SpeedboatSpeedboat, Ship, Transportation, Vehicle, Summer
🛤Railway Track
🛶CanoeCanoe, Boat, Paddle, Water, Ship
Glyph Emoji Name Keywords
🩱One-Piece SwimsuitOne Piece Swimsuit, Fashion
🩼CrutchCrutch, Accessibility, Assist
📃Page With CurlPage With Curl, Documents, Office, Paper
📇Card IndexCard Index, Business, Stationery
💰Money BagMoney Bag, Dollar, Payment, Coins, Sale
🧥CoatCoat, Jacket
🗳Ballot Box With Ballot
🔧WrenchWrench, Tools, Diy, Ikea, Fix, Maintainer
🧴Lotion BottleLotion Bottle, Moisturizer, Sunscreen
🏹Bow And ArrowBow And Arrow, Sports
👛PursePurse, Fashion, Accessories, Money, Sales, Shopping
🧣ScarfScarf, Neck, Winter, Clothes
🔭TelescopeTelescope, Stars, Space, Zoom, Science, Astronomy
🔗LinkLink, Rings, Url
🔍Magnifying Glass Tilted LeftMagnifying Glass Tilted Left, Search, Zoom, Find, Detective
💸Money With WingsMoney With Wings, Dollar, Bills, Payment, Sale
📓NotebookNotebook, Stationery, Record, Notes, Paper, Study
🚽ToiletToilet, Restroom, Wc, Washroom, Bathroom, Potty
👗DressDress, Clothes, Fashion, Shopping
🔌Electric PlugElectric Plug, Charger, Power
🧷Safety PinSafety Pin, Diaper
⚱Funeral Urn
👠High-Heeled ShoeHigh Heeled Shoe, Fashion, Shoes, Female, Pumps, Stiletto
⚖Balance Scale
👝Clutch BagClutch Bag, Bag, Accessories, Shopping
🩻X-RayX Ray, Skeleton, Medicine
🥁DrumDrum, Music, Instrument, Drumsticks, Snare
🎥Movie CameraMovie Camera, Film, Record
🔎Magnifying Glass Tilted RightMagnifying Glass Tilted Right, Search, Zoom, Find, Detective
🧿Nazar AmuletNazar Amulet, Bead, Charm
📪Closed Mailbox With Lowered FlagClosed Mailbox With Lowered Flag, Email, Communication, Inbox
🥾Hiking BootHiking Boot, Backpacking, Camping, Hiking
📕Closed BookClosed Book, Read, Library, Knowledge, Textbook, Learn
🔑KeyKey, Lock, Door, Password
📊Bar ChartBar Chart, Graph, Presentation, Stats
👞Man’S ShoeMan S Shoe, Fashion, Male
💣BombBomb, Boom, Explode, Explosion, Terrorism
📘Blue BookBlue Book, Read, Library, Knowledge, Learn, Study
👒Woman’S HatWoman S Hat, Fashion, Accessories, Female, Lady, Spring
🥿Flat ShoeFlat Shoe, Ballet, Slip On, Slipper
📱Mobile PhoneMobile Phone, Technology, Apple, Gadgets, Dial
🧰ToolboxToolbox, Tools, Diy, Fix, Maintainer, Mechanic
🧻Roll Of PaperRoll Of Paper, Roll
📍Round PushpinRound Pushpin, Stationery, Location, Map, Here
💳Credit CardCredit Card, Money, Sales, Dollar, Bill, Payment, Shopping
🗒Spiral Notepad
🪔Diya LampDiya Lamp, Lighting
📷CameraCamera, Gadgets, Photography
📡Satellite AntennaSatellite Antenna, Communication, Future, Radio, Space
🪇⊛ MaracasMaracas, Music, Instrument, Percussion
🧤GlovesGloves, Hands, Winter, Clothes
🗃Card File Box
💄LipstickLipstick, Female, Girl, Fashion, Woman
📤Outbox TrayOutbox Tray, Inbox, Email
💵Dollar BanknoteDollar Banknote, Money, Sales, Bill, Currency
📯Postal HornPostal Horn, Instrument, Music
📞Telephone ReceiverTelephone Receiver, Technology, Communication, Dial
📟PagerPager, Bbcall, Oldschool, 90 S
🔈Speaker Low VolumeSpeaker Low Volume, Sound, Volume, Silence, Broadcast
🛠Hammer And Wrench
🪜LadderLadder, Tools
🧢Billed CapBilled Cap, Cap, Baseball
🎛Control Knobs
🪪Identification CardIdentification Card, Document
💴Yen BanknoteYen Banknote, Money, Sales, Japanese, Dollar, Currency
💿Optical DiskOptical Disk, Technology, Dvd, Disk, Disc, 90 S
⚒Hammer And Pick
💶Euro BanknoteEuro Banknote, Money, Sales, Dollar, Currency
🔒LockedLocked, Security, Password, Padlock
🎺TrumpetTrumpet, Music, Brass
🛁BathtubBathtub, Clean, Shower, Bathroom
📌PushpinPushpin, Stationery, Mark, Here
🛗ElevatorElevator, Lift
👔NecktieNecktie, Shirt, Suitup, Formal, Fashion, Cloth, Business
👕T-ShirtT Shirt, Fashion, Cloth, Casual, Shirt, Tee
🎚Level Slider
👡Woman’S SandalWoman S Sandal, Shoes, Fashion, Flip Flops
💎Gem StoneGem Stone, Blue, Ruby, Diamond, Jewelry
📰NewspaperNewspaper, Press, Headline
📀DvdDvd, Cd, Disk, Disc
📔Notebook With Decorative CoverNotebook With Decorative Cover, Classroom, Notes, Record, Paper, Study
🗄File Cabinet
🖋Fountain Pen
🧬DnaDna, Biologist, Genetics, Life
🪘Long DrumLong Drum, Music
🎵Musical NoteMusical Note, Score, Tone, Sound
🧯Fire ExtinguisherFire Extinguisher, Quench
🎸GuitarGuitar, Music, Instrument
🔖BookmarkBookmark, Favorite, Label, Save
📹Video CameraVideo Camera, Film, Record
🗓Spiral Calendar
🚪DoorDoor, House, Entry, Exit
📝MemoMemo, Write, Documents, Stationery, Pencil, Paper, Writing, Legal, Exam, Quiz, Test, Study, Compose
🔐Locked With KeyLocked With Key, Security, Privacy
🔉Speaker Medium VolumeSpeaker Medium Volume, Volume, Speaker, Broadcast
🎓Graduation CapGraduation Cap, School, College, Degree, University, Graduation, Cap, Hat, Legal, Learn, Education
🩲BriefsBriefs, Clothing
🎹Musical KeyboardMusical Keyboard, Piano, Instrument, Compose
📑Bookmark TabsBookmark Tabs, Favorite, Save, Order, Tidy
🧼SoapSoap, Bar, Bathing, Cleaning, Lather
🪈⊛ FluteFlute, Bamboo, Music, Instrument, Pied Piper
📅CalendarCalendar, Schedule
📉Chart DecreasingChart Decreasing, Graph, Presentation, Stats, Recession, Business, Economics, Money, Sales, Bad, Failure
👚Woman’S ClothesWoman S Clothes, Fashion, Shopping Bags, Female
📣MegaphoneMegaphone, Sound, Speaker, Volume
🎧HeadphoneHeadphone, Music, Score, Gadgets
📲Mobile Phone With ArrowMobile Phone With Arrow, Iphone, Incoming
📬Open Mailbox With Raised FlagOpen Mailbox With Raised Flag, Email, Inbox, Communication
🎶Musical NotesMusical Notes, Music, Score
🎤MicrophoneMicrophone, Sound, Music, PA, Sing, Talkshow
📫Closed Mailbox With Raised FlagClosed Mailbox With Raised Flag, Email, Inbox, Communication
📈Chart IncreasingChart Increasing, Graph, Presentation, Stats, Recovery, Business, Economics, Money, Sales, Good, Success
🪤Mouse TrapMouse Trap, Cheese
🚬CigaretteCigarette, Kills, Tobacco, Joint, Smoke
🎞Film Frames
📨Incoming EnvelopeIncoming Envelope, Email, Inbox
🦺Safety VestSafety Vest, Protection
🔬MicroscopeMicroscope, Laboratory, Experiment, Zoomin, Science, Study
📸Camera With FlashCamera With Flash, Photography, Gadgets
🪮⊛ Hair PickHair Pick, Afro, Comb
🔩Nut And BoltNut And Bolt, Handy, Tools, Fix
🔇Muted SpeakerMuted Speaker, Sound, Volume, Silence, Quiet
🧽SpongeSponge, Absorbing, Cleaning, Porous
🪫Low BatteryLow Battery, Drained, Dead
🩰Ballet ShoesBallet Shoes, Dance
🚿ShowerShower, Clean, Water, Bathroom
🧾ReceiptReceipt, Accounting, Expenses
👙BikiniBikini, Swimming, Female, Woman, Girl, Fashion, Beach, Summer
📋ClipboardClipboard, Stationery, Documents
🪒RazorRazor, Cut
📩Envelope With ArrowEnvelope With Arrow, Email, Communication
👑CrownCrown, King, Kod, Leader, Royalty, Lord
💾Floppy DiskFloppy Disk, Oldschool, Technology, Save, 90 S, 80 S
🥼Lab CoatLab Coat, Doctor, Experiment, Scientist, Chemist
🪗AccordionAccordion, Music
🩴Thong SandalThong Sandal, Footwear, Summer
📿Prayer BeadsPrayer Beads, Dhikr, Religious
👢Woman’S BootWoman S Boot, Shoes, Fashion
🪃BoomerangBoomerang, Weapon
🩹Adhesive BandageAdhesive Bandage, Heal
📦PackagePackage, Mail, Gift, Cardboard, Box, Moving
🪬HamsaHamsa, Religion, Protection
🪟WindowWindow, Scenery
👖JeansJeans, Fashion, Shopping
✒Black Nib
🎒BackpackBackpack, Student, Education, Bag
💽Computer DiskComputer Disk, Technology, Record, Data, Disk, 90 S
🔦FlashlightFlashlight, Dark, Camping, Sight, Night
🥽GogglesGoggles, Eyes, Protection, Safety
🎷SaxophoneSaxophone, Music, Instrument, Jazz, Blues
📒LedgerLedger, Notes, Paper
📎PaperclipPaperclip, Documents, Stationery
🏮Red Paper LanternRed Paper Lantern, Light, Paper, Halloween, Spooky
🪭⊛ Folding Hand FanFolding Hand Fan, Flamenco, Hot
🪣BucketBucket, Water, Container
📢LoudspeakerLoudspeaker, Volume, Sound
🪛ScrewdriverScrewdriver, Tools
📺TelevisionTelevision, Technology, Program, Oldschool, Show
🔓UnlockedUnlocked, Privacy, Security
🗂Card Index Dividers
🛍Shopping Bags
🪚Carpentry SawCarpentry Saw, Cut, Chop
🖇Linked Paperclips
🩺StethoscopeStethoscope, Health
👟Running ShoeRunning Shoe, Shoes, Sports, Sneakers
🔏Locked With PenLocked With Pen, Security, Secret
🔕Bell With SlashBell With Slash, Sound, Volume, Mute, Quiet, Silent
🪖Military HelmetMilitary Helmet, Army, Protection
🪞MirrorMirror, Reflection
🔊Speaker High VolumeSpeaker High Volume, Volume, Noise, Noisy, Speaker, Broadcast
⛑Rescue Worker’S Helmet
📻RadioRadio, Communication, Music, Podcast, Program
🖥Desktop Computer
🪦HeadstoneHeadstone, Death, Rip, Grave
👜HandbagHandbag, Fashion, Accessory, Accessories, Shopping
📧E-MailE Mail, Communication, Inbox
🩸Drop Of BloodDrop Of Blood, Period, Hurt, Harm, Wound
💹Chart Increasing With YenChart Increasing With Yen, Green Square, Graph, Presentation, Stats
🥻SariSari, Dress
📼VideocassetteVideocassette, Record, Video, Oldschool, 90 S, 80 S
🧦SocksSocks, Stockings, Clothes
💡Light BulbLight Bulb, Light, Electricity, Idea
🖱Computer Mouse
🫧BubblesBubbles, Soap, Fun, Carbonation, Sparkling
🪙CoinCoin, Money, Currency
👓GlassesGlasses, Fashion, Accessories, Eyesight, Nerdy, Dork, Geek
📮PostboxPostbox, Email, Letter, Envelope
📖Open BookOpen Book, Book, Read, Library, Knowledge, Literature, Learn, Study
📜ScrollScroll, Documents, Ancient, History, Paper
👘KimonoKimono, Dress, Fashion, Women, Female, Japanese
🪠PlungerPlunger, Toilet
🦯White CaneProbing Cane, Accessibility
🪧PlacardPlacard, Announcement
🎻ViolinViolin, Music, Instrument, Orchestra, Symphony
📂Open File FolderOpen File Folder, Documents, Load
💻LaptopLaptop, Technology, Screen, Display, Monitor
🛋Couch And Lamp
📏Straight RulerStraight Ruler, Stationery, Calculate, Length, Math, School, Drawing, Architect, Sketch
🎬Clapper BoardClapper Board, Movie, Film, Record
🔨HammerHammer, Tools, Build, Create
🗞Rolled-Up Newspaper
📐Triangular RulerTriangular Ruler, Stationery, Math, Architect, Sketch
💊PillPill, Health, Medicine, Doctor, Pharmacy, Drug
🪥ToothbrushToothbrush, Hygiene, Dental
📚BooksBooks, Literature, Library, Study
⚔Crossed Swords
🎩Top HatTop Hat, Magic, Gentleman, Classy, Circus
🔋BatteryBattery, Power, Energy, Sustain
📽Film Projector
📗Green BookGreen Book, Read, Library, Knowledge, Study
💍RingRing, Wedding, Propose, Marriage, Valentines, Diamond, Fashion, Jewelry, Gem, Engagement
🧮AbacusAbacus, Calculation
💷Pound BanknotePound Banknote, British, Sterling, Money, Sales, Bills, Uk, England, Currency
📁File FolderFile Folder, Documents, Business, Office
🧹BroomBroom, Cleaning, Sweeping, Witch
📆Tear-Off CalendarTear Off Calendar, Schedule, Date, Planning
🗿MoaiMoai, Rock, Easter Island
💼BriefcaseBriefcase, Business, Documents, Work, Law, Legal, Job, Career
🪝HookHook, Tools
📥Inbox TrayInbox Tray, Email, Documents
📄Page Facing UpPage Facing Up, Documents, Office, Paper, Information
🪕BanjoBanjo, Music, Instructment
🎙Studio Microphone
📭Open Mailbox With Lowered FlagOpen Mailbox With Lowered Flag, Email, Inbox
💉SyringeSyringe, Health, Hospital, Drugs, Blood, Medicine, Needle, Doctor, Nurse
🧫Petri DishPetri Dish, Bacteria, Biology, Culture, Lab
🩳ShortsShorts, Clothing
📙Orange BookOrange Book, Read, Library, Knowledge, Textbook, Study
🔔BellBell, Sound, Notification, Christmas, Xmas, Chime
🪑ChairChair, Sit, Furniture
🎼Musical ScoreMusical Score, Treble, Clef, Compose
📠Fax MachineFax Machine, Communication, Technology
🧺BasketBasket, Laundry
🧲MagnetMagnet, Attraction, Magnetic
🗝Old Key
🛒Shopping CartShopping Cart, Trolley
🧪Test TubeTest Tube, Chemistry, Experiment, Lab, Science
🪓AxeAxe, Tool, Chop, Cut
Glyph Emoji Name Keywords
🔲Black Square ButtonBlack Square Button, Shape, Input, Frame
☑Check Box With Check
✔Check Mark
🔛ON! ArrowOn Arrow, Arrow, Words
✅Check Mark ButtonCheck Mark Button, Green Square, Ok, Agree, Vote, Election, Answer, Tick
🔆Bright ButtonBright Button, Sun, Light
♒AquariusAquarius, Sign, Purple Square, Zodiac, Astrology
⬅Left Arrow
↕Up-Down Arrow
🔀Shuffle Tracks ButtonShuffle Tracks Button, Blue Square, Shuffle, Music, Random
#️⃣KeycapKeycap, Symbol, Blue Square, Twitter
🟨Yellow SquareYellow Square
8️⃣KeycapKeycap 8, 8, Blue Square, Numbers
↘Down-Right Arrow
🔢Input NumbersInput Numbers, Numbers, Blue Square, 1234, 1, 2, 3, 4
🆕NEW ButtonNew Button, Blue Square, Words, Start
⚪White CircleWhite Circle, Shape, Round
◻White Medium Square
🆓FREE ButtonFree Button, Blue Square, Words
☮Peace Symbol
🈳Japanese “Vacancy” ButtonJapanese Vacancy Button, Kanji, Japanese, Chinese, Empty, Sky, Blue Square
↩Right Arrow Curving Left
✡Star Of David
㊗Japanese “Congratulations” Button
🔼Upwards ButtonUpwards Button, Blue Square, Triangle, Direction, Point, Forward, Top
🔸Small Orange DiamondSmall Orange Diamond, Shape, Jewel, Gem
⬛Black Large SquareBlack Large Square, Shape, Icon, Button
🆙UP! ButtonUp Button, Blue Square, Above, High
🛃CustomsCustoms, Passport, Border, Blue Square
🟢Green CircleGreen Circle, Round
🔜SOON ArrowSoon Arrow, Arrow, Words
🅱B Button (Blood Type)
🅰A Button (Blood Type)
🈯Japanese “Reserved” ButtonJapanese Reserved Button, Chinese, Point, Green Square, Kanji
🔟KeycapKeycap 10, Numbers, 10, Blue Square
2️⃣KeycapKeycap 2, Numbers, 2, Prime, Blue Square
☸Wheel Of Dharma
⏸Pause Button
🛅Left LuggageLeft Luggage, Blue Square, Travel
🆎AB Button (Blood Type)Ab Button, Red Square, Alphabet
🚼Baby SymbolBaby Symbol, Orange Square, Child
❎Cross Mark ButtonCross Mark Button, X, Green Square, No, Deny
🟠Orange CircleOrange Circle, Round
♓PiscesPisces, Purple Square, Sign, Zodiac, Astrology
💲Heavy Dollar SignHeavy Dollar Sign, Money, Sales, Payment, Currency, Buck
0️⃣KeycapKeycap 0, 0, Numbers, Blue Square, Null
🟪Purple SquarePurple Square
🔘Radio ButtonRadio Button, Input, Old, Music, Circle
🟣Purple CirclePurple Circle, Round
↖Up-Left Arrow
⬜White Large SquareWhite Large Square, Shape, Icon, Stone, Button
◽White Medium-Small SquareWhite Medium Small Square, Shape, Stone, Icon, Button
➖MinusMinus Sign, Math, Calculation, Subtract, Less
🔷Large Blue DiamondLarge Blue Diamond, Shape, Jewel, Gem
🔽Downwards ButtonDownwards Button, Blue Square, Direction, Bottom
🎦CinemaCinema, Blue Square, Record, Film, Movie, Curtain, Stage, Theater
🚯No LitteringNo Littering, Trash, Bin, Garbage, Circle
⬆Up Arrow
🆒COOL ButtonCool Button, Words, Blue Square
↗Up-Right Arrow
➰Curly LoopCurly Loop, Scribble, Draw, Shape, Squiggle
‼Double Exclamation Mark
🚷No PedestriansNo Pedestrians, Rules, Crossing, Walking, Circle
🚻RestroomRestroom, Blue Square, Toilet, Refresh, Wc, Gender
🏧ATM SignAtm Sign, Money, Sales, Cash, Blue Square, Payment, Bank
🚭No SmokingNo Smoking, Cigarette, Blue Square, Smell, Smoke
⛔No EntryNo Entry, Limit, Security, Privacy, Bad, Denied, Stop, Circle
🔯Dotted Six-Pointed StarDotted Six Pointed Star, Purple Square, Religion, Jewish, Hexagram
↔Left-Right Arrow
🔠Input Latin UppercaseInput Latin Uppercase, Alphabet, Words, Blue Square
🚰Potable WaterPotable Water, Blue Square, Liquid, Restroom, Cleaning, Faucet
🔺Red Triangle Pointed UpRed Triangle Pointed Up, Shape, Direction, Up, Top
▫White Small Square
4️⃣KeycapKeycap 4, 4, Numbers, Blue Square
🚸Children CrossingChildren Crossing, School, Warning, Danger, Sign, Driving, Yellow Diamond
🚳No BicyclesNo Bicycles, No Bikes, Bicycle, Bike, Cyclist, Prohibited, Circle
🔣Input SymbolsInput Symbols, Blue Square, Music, Note, Ampersand, Percent, Glyphs, Characters
🔁Repeat ButtonRepeat Button, Loop, Record
❗Red Exclamation MarkExclamation Mark, Heavy Exclamation Mark, Danger, Surprise, Punctuation, Wow, Warning
⚕Medical Symbol
▪Black Small Square
❌Cross MarkCross Mark, No, Delete, Remove, Cancel, Red
🔝TOP ArrowTop Arrow, Words, Blue Square
♏ScorpioScorpio, Sign, Zodiac, Purple Square, Astrology
🔴Red CircleRed Circle, Shape, Error, Danger
🆑CL ButtonCl Button, Alphabet, Words, Red Square
🉑Japanese “Acceptable” ButtonJapanese Acceptable Button, Ok, Good, Chinese, Kanji, Agree, Yes, Orange Circle
⏹Stop Button
⏬Fast Down ButtonFast Down Button, Blue Square, Direction, Bottom
🟰Heavy Equals SignHeavy Equals Sign, Math
⏏Eject Button
⏪Fast Reverse ButtonFast Reverse Button, Play, Blue Square
🈂Japanese “Service Charge” Button
🛜⊛ WirelessWireless, Wifi, Internet, Contactless, Signal
🔶Large Orange DiamondLarge Orange Diamond, Shape, Jewel, Gem
♌LeoLeo, Sign, Purple Square, Zodiac, Astrology
🛂Passport ControlPassport Control, Custom, Blue Square
🅾O Button (Blood Type)
➕PlusPlus Sign, Math, Calculation, Addition, More, Increase
🔻Red Triangle Pointed DownRed Triangle Pointed Down, Shape, Direction, Bottom
🪯⊛ KhandaKhanda, Sikhism, Religion
➿Double Curly LoopDouble Curly Loop, Tape, Cassette
💱Currency ExchangeCurrency Exchange, Money, Sales, Dollar, Travel
⚧Transgender Symbol
🚱Non-Potable WaterNon Potable Water, Drink, Faucet, Tap, Circle
6️⃣KeycapKeycap 6, 6, Numbers, Blue Square
➡Right Arrow
🟦Blue SquareBlue Square
🔤Input Latin LettersInput Latin Letters, Blue Square, Alphabet
◾Black Medium-Small SquareBlack Medium Small Square, Icon, Shape, Button
〰Wavy Dash
™Trade Mark
⏫Fast Up ButtonFast Up Button, Blue Square, Direction, Top
⏺Record Button
〽Part Alternation Mark
♈AriesAries, Sign, Purple Square, Zodiac, Astrology
🚾Water ClosetWater Closet, Toilet, Restroom, Blue Square
♿Wheelchair SymbolWheelchair Symbol, Blue Square, Disabled, Accessibility
🟡Yellow CircleYellow Circle, Round
⏭Next Track Button
🔚END ArrowEnd Arrow, Words, Arrow
🔡Input Latin LowercaseInput Latin Lowercase, Blue Square, Alphabet
♉TaurusTaurus, Purple Square, Sign, Zodiac, Astrology
🆗OK ButtonOk Button, Good, Agree, Yes, Blue Square
🕎MenorahMenorah, Hanukkah, Candles, Jewish
🔃Clockwise Vertical ArrowsClockwise Vertical Arrows, Sync, Cycle, Round, Repeat
🔄Counterclockwise Arrows ButtonCounterclockwise Arrows Button, Blue Square, Sync, Cycle
🚹Men’S RoomMen S Room, Toilet, Restroom, Wc, Blue Square, Gender, Male
❓Red Question MarkQuestion Mark, Doubt, Confused
💠Diamond With A DotDiamond With A Dot, Jewel, Blue, Gem, Crystal, Fancy
🈸Japanese “Application” ButtonJapanese Application Button, Chinese, Japanese, Kanji, Orange Square
🔳White Square ButtonWhite Square Button, Shape, Input
🈵Japanese “No Vacancy” ButtonJapanese No Vacancy Button, Full, Chinese, Japanese, Red Square, Kanji
📳Vibration ModeVibration Mode, Orange Square, Phone
9️⃣KeycapKeycap 9, Blue Square, Numbers, 9
◼Black Medium Square
♂Male Sign
🆔ID ButtonId Button, Purple Square, Words
🈴Japanese “Passing Grade” ButtonJapanese Passing Grade Button, Japanese, Chinese, Join, Kanji, Red Square
3️⃣KeycapKeycap 3, 3, Numbers, Prime, Blue Square
🔱Trident EmblemTrident Emblem, Weapon, Spear
⛎OphiuchusOphiuchus, Sign, Purple Square, Constellation, Astrology
♊GeminiGemini, Sign, Zodiac, Purple Square, Astrology
🆚VS ButtonVs Button, Words, Orange Square
⏯Play Or Pause Button
🈚Japanese “Free Of Charge” ButtonJapanese Free Of Charge Button, Nothing, Chinese, Kanji, Japanese, Orange Square
🈷Japanese “Monthly Amount” Button
7️⃣KeycapKeycap 7, 7, Numbers, Blue Square, Prime
🆖NG ButtonNg Button, Blue Square, Words, Shape, Icon
⭕Hollow Red CircleHollow Red Circle, Circle, Round
📶Antenna BarsAntenna Bars, Blue Square, Reception, Phone, Internet, Connection, Wifi, Bluetooth, Bars
☯Yin Yang
🔅Dim ButtonDim Button, Sun, Afternoon, Warm, Summer
↪Left Arrow Curving Right
1️⃣KeycapKeycap 1, Blue Square, Numbers, 1
📵No Mobile PhonesNo Mobile Phones, Iphone, Mute, Circle
◀Reverse Button
🔙BACK ArrowBack Arrow, Arrow, Words, Return
❕White Exclamation MarkWhite Exclamation Mark, Surprise, Punctuation, Gray, Wow, Warning
🈺Japanese “Open For Business” ButtonJapanese Open For Business Button, Japanese, Opening Hours, Orange Square
♍VirgoVirgo, Sign, Zodiac, Purple Square, Astrology
♋CancerCancer, Sign, Zodiac, Purple Square, Astrology
㊙Japanese “Secret” Button
♀Female Sign
📴Mobile Phone OffMobile Phone Off, Mute, Orange Square, Silence, Quiet
🟤Brown CircleBrown Circle, Round
🔹Small Blue DiamondSmall Blue Diamond, Shape, Jewel, Gem
▶Play Button
🚮Litter In Bin SignLitter In Bin Sign, Blue Square, Sign, Human, Info
✳Eight-Spoked Asterisk
⤴Right Arrow Curving Up
🈹Japanese “Discount” ButtonJapanese Discount Button, Cut, Divide, Chinese, Kanji, Pink Square
⚫Black CircleBlack Circle, Shape, Button, Round
♐SagittariusSagittarius, Sign, Zodiac, Purple Square, Astrology
ⓂCircled M
⤵Right Arrow Curving Down
🅿P Button
📛Name BadgeName Badge, Fire, Forbid
⬇Down Arrow
🔞No One Under EighteenNo One Under Eighteen, 18, Drink, Pub, Night, Minor, Circle
🟩Green SquareGreen Square
♑CapricornCapricorn, Sign, Zodiac, Purple Square, Astrology
❔White Question MarkWhite Question Mark, Doubts, Gray, Huh, Confused
♻Recycling Symbol
➗DivideDivision Sign, Divide, Math, Calculation
♎LibraLibra, Sign, Purple Square, Zodiac, Astrology
5️⃣KeycapKeycap 5, 5, Numbers, Blue Square, Prime
⏮Last Track Button
↙Down-Left Arrow
🔰Japanese Symbol For BeginnerJapanese Symbol For Beginner, Badge, Shield
☦Orthodox Cross
🔵Blue CircleBlue Circle, Shape, Icon, Button
🈶Japanese “Not Free Of Charge” ButtonJapanese Not Free Of Charge Button, Orange Square, Chinese, Have, Kanji
🆘SOS ButtonSos Button, Help, Red Square, Words, Emergency, 911
✴Eight-Pointed Star
🈲Japanese “Prohibited” ButtonJapanese Prohibited Button, Kanji, Japanese, Chinese, Forbidden, Limit, Restricted, Red Square
🔂Repeat Single ButtonRepeat Single Button, Blue Square, Loop
⚛Atom Symbol
*️⃣KeycapKeycap, Star, Keycap
🟫Brown SquareBrown Square
🉐Japanese “Bargain” ButtonJapanese Bargain Button, Chinese, Kanji, Obtain, Get, Circle
☪Star And Crescent
🚫ProhibitedProhibited, Forbid, Stop, Limit, Denied, Disallow, Circle
🛐Place Of WorshipPlace Of Worship, Religion, Church, Temple, Prayer
🟥Red SquareRed Square
🈁Japanese “Here” ButtonJapanese Here Button, Blue Square, Here, Katakana, Japanese, Destination
✝Latin Cross
⁉Exclamation Question Mark
⏩Fast-Forward ButtonFast Forward Button, Blue Square, Play, Speed, Continue
🟧Orange SquareOrange Square
🛄Baggage ClaimBaggage Claim, Blue Square, Airport, Transport
🚺Women’S RoomWomen S Room, Purple Square, Woman, Female, Toilet, Loo, Restroom, Gender
Glyph Emoji Name Keywords
🇪🇭Western Sahara FlagFlag Western Sahara, Western, Sahara, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Western Sahara
🇨🇵Clipperton Island FlagFlag Clipperton Island
🇳🇦Namibia FlagFlag Namibia, Na, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Namibia
🇲🇻Maldives FlagFlag Maldives, Mv, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Maldives
🇦🇫Afghanistan FlagFlag Afghanistan, Af, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Afghanistan
🇬🇱Greenland FlagFlag Greenland, Gl, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Greenland
🇮🇪Ireland FlagFlag Ireland, Ie, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Ireland
🇭🇰Hong Kong SAR China FlagFlag Hong Kong Sar China, Hong, Kong, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Hong Kong Sar China
🇴🇲Oman FlagFlag Oman, Om Symbol, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Oman
🇮🇨Canary Islands FlagFlag Canary Islands, Canary, Islands, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Canary Islands
🇩🇴Dominican Republic FlagFlag Dominican Republic, Dominican, Republic, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Dominican Republic
🇧🇪Belgium FlagFlag Belgium, Be, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Belgium
🇬🇬Guernsey FlagFlag Guernsey, Gg, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Guernsey
🇿🇲Zambia FlagFlag Zambia, Zm, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Zambia
🇸🇿Eswatini FlagFlag Eswatini, Sz, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Eswatini
🇳🇵Nepal FlagFlag Nepal, Np, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Nepal
🇧🇷Brazil FlagFlag Brazil, Br, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Brazil
🇨🇱Chile FlagFlag Chile, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Chile
🇹🇫French Southern Territories FlagFlag French Southern Territories, French, Southern, Territories, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, French Southern Territories
🇧🇿Belize FlagFlag Belize, Bz, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Belize
🇬🇫French Guiana FlagFlag French Guiana, French, Guiana, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, French Guiana
🇵🇰Pakistan FlagFlag Pakistan, Pk, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Pakistan
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿England FlagFlag England, Flag, English
🇮🇱Israel FlagFlag Israel, Il, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Israel
🇱🇾Libya FlagFlag Libya, Ly, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Libya
🇮🇷Iran FlagFlag Iran, Iran, Islamic, Republic, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner
🇸🇭Helena FlagFlag St Helena, Saint, Helena, Ascension, Tristan, Cunha, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, St Helena
🇨🇭Switzerland FlagFlag Switzerland, Ch, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Switzerland
🇮🇩Indonesia FlagFlag Indonesia, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Indonesia
🇹🇴Tonga FlagFlag Tonga, To, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Tonga
🇳🇴Norway FlagFlag Norway, No, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Norway
🇵🇬Papua New Guinea FlagFlag Papua New Guinea, Papua, New, Guinea, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Papua New Guinea
🇧🇴Bolivia FlagFlag Bolivia, Bo, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Bolivia
🇧🇱St. Barthélemy FlagFlag St Barthelemy, Saint, Barthelemy, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, St Barthelemy
🇧🇸Bahamas FlagFlag Bahamas, Bs, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Bahamas
🇸🇻El Salvador FlagFlag El Salvador, El, Salvador, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, El Salvador
🇸🇮Slovenia FlagFlag Slovenia, Si, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Slovenia
🇸🇴Somalia FlagFlag Somalia, So, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Somalia
🇹🇲Turkmenistan FlagFlag Turkmenistan, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Turkmenistan
🇮🇴British Indian Ocean Territory FlagFlag British Indian Ocean Territory, British, Indian, Ocean, Territory, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, British Indian Ocean Territory
🇧🇫Burkina Faso FlagFlag Burkina Faso, Burkina, Faso, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Burkina Faso
🇻🇳Vietnam FlagFlag Vietnam, Viet, Nam, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Vietnam
🇿🇼Zimbabwe FlagFlag Zimbabwe, Zw, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Zimbabwe
🇨🇾Cyprus FlagFlag Cyprus, Cy, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Cyprus
🏴‍☠️Pirate FlagPirate Flag, Skull, Crossbones, Flag, Banner
🇰🇬Kyrgyzstan FlagFlag Kyrgyzstan, Kg, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Kyrgyzstan
🇸🇽Sint Maarten FlagFlag Sint Maarten, Sint, Maarten, Dutch, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Sint Maarten
🇲🇶Martinique FlagFlag Martinique, Mq, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Martinique
🇲🇹Malta FlagFlag Malta, Mt, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Malta
🇧🇹Bhutan FlagFlag Bhutan, Bt, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Bhutan
🇨🇲Cameroon FlagFlag Cameroon, Cm, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Cameroon
🇬🇾Guyana FlagFlag Guyana, Gy, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Guyana
🇳🇨New Caledonia FlagFlag New Caledonia, New, Caledonia, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, New Caledonia
🇬🇸South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands FlagFlag South Georgia South Sandwich Islands, South, Georgia, Sandwich, Islands, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, South Georgia South Sandwich Islands
🇽🇰Kosovo FlagFlag Kosovo, Xk, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Kosovo
🇳🇮Nicaragua FlagFlag Nicaragua, Ni, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Nicaragua
🇬🇭Ghana FlagFlag Ghana, Gh, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Ghana
🇩🇲Dominica FlagFlag Dominica, Dm, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Dominica
🇦🇿Azerbaijan FlagFlag Azerbaijan, Az, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Azerbaijan
🇮🇸Iceland FlagFlag Iceland, Is, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Iceland
🇮🇲Isle of Man FlagFlag Isle Of Man, Isle, Man, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Isle Of Man
🇰🇮Kiribati FlagFlag Kiribati, Ki, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Kiribati
🇰🇳St. Kitts & Nevis FlagFlag St Kitts Nevis, Saint, Kitts, Nevis, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, St Kitts Nevis
🇵🇾Paraguay FlagFlag Paraguay, Py, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Paraguay
🇲🇪Montenegro FlagFlag Montenegro, Me, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Montenegro
🇲🇰North Macedonia FlagFlag North Macedonia, Macedonia, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, North Macedonia
🇸🇷Suriname FlagFlag Suriname, Sr, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Suriname
🇵🇦Panama FlagFlag Panama, Pa, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Panama
🇹🇻Tuvalu FlagFlag Tuvalu, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Tuvalu
🇵🇪Peru FlagFlag Peru, Pe, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Peru
🇦🇹Austria FlagFlag Austria, At, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Austria
🇦🇺Australia FlagFlag Australia, Au, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Australia
🇲🇵Northern Mariana Islands FlagFlag Northern Mariana Islands, Northern, Mariana, Islands, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Northern Mariana Islands
🇸🇹São Tomé & Príncipe FlagFlag Sao Tome Principe, Sao, Tome, Principe, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Sao Tome Principe
🇭🇺Hungary FlagFlag Hungary, Hu, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Hungary
🇶🇦Qatar FlagFlag Qatar, Qa, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Qatar
🇸🇦Saudi Arabia FlagFlag Saudi Arabia, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Saudi Arabia
🇨🇻Cape Verde FlagFlag Cape Verde, Cabo, Verde, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Cape Verde
🇦🇱Albania FlagFlag Albania, Al, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Albania
🇺🇬Uganda FlagFlag Uganda, Ug, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Uganda
🇪🇷Eritrea FlagFlag Eritrea, Er, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Eritrea
🇹🇨Turks & Caicos Islands FlagFlag Turks Caicos Islands, Turks, Caicos, Islands, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Turks Caicos Islands
🇦🇩Andorra FlagFlag Andorra, Ad, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Andorra
🇨🇩Congo - Kinshasa FlagFlag Congo Kinshasa, Congo, Democratic, Republic, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Congo Kinshasa
🇸🇩Sudan FlagFlag Sudan, Sd, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Sudan
🇯🇴Jordan FlagFlag Jordan, Jo, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Jordan
🇦🇼Aruba FlagFlag Aruba, Aw, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Aruba
🇹🇼Taiwan FlagFlag Taiwan, Tw, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Taiwan
🇬🇶Equatorial Guinea FlagFlag Equatorial Guinea, Equatorial, Gn, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Equatorial Guinea
🇵🇲St. Pierre & Miquelon FlagFlag St Pierre Miquelon, Saint, Pierre, Miquelon, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, St Pierre Miquelon
🇧🇭Bahrain FlagFlag Bahrain, Bh, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Bahrain
🇰🇭Cambodia FlagFlag Cambodia, Kh, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Cambodia
🇸🇪Sweden FlagFlag Sweden, Se, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Sweden
🇲🇨Monaco FlagFlag Monaco, Mc, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Monaco
🇰🇾Cayman Islands FlagFlag Cayman Islands, Cayman, Islands, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Cayman Islands
🇬🇦Gabon FlagFlag Gabon, Ga, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Gabon
🇸🇸South Sudan FlagFlag South Sudan, South, Sd, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, South Sudan
🏁Chequered FlagChequered Flag, Contest, Finishline, Race, Gokart
🇲🇱Mali FlagFlag Mali, Ml, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Mali
🇫🇲Micronesia FlagFlag Micronesia, Micronesia, Federated, States, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner
🇦🇶Antarctica FlagFlag Antarctica, Aq, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Antarctica
🇩🇯Djibouti FlagFlag Djibouti, Dj, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Djibouti
🇷🇴Romania FlagFlag Romania, Ro, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Romania
🇱🇨St. Lucia FlagFlag St Lucia, Saint, Lucia, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, St Lucia
🇬🇪Georgia FlagFlag Georgia, Ge, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Georgia
🇵🇫French Polynesia FlagFlag French Polynesia, French, Polynesia, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, French Polynesia
🇬🇧United Kingdom FlagFlag United Kingdom, United, Kingdom, Great, Britain, Northern, Ireland, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, British, UK, English, England, Union Jack, United Kingdom
🇨🇳China FlagFlag China, China, Chinese, Prc, Flag, Country, Nation, Banner
🇯🇲Jamaica FlagFlag Jamaica, Jm, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Jamaica
🇪🇪Estonia FlagFlag Estonia, Ee, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Estonia
🇪🇹Ethiopia FlagFlag Ethiopia, Et, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Ethiopia
🇨🇽Christmas Island FlagFlag Christmas Island, Christmas, Island, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Christmas Island
🇲🇽Mexico FlagFlag Mexico, Mx, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Mexico
🇺🇦Ukraine FlagFlag Ukraine, Ua, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Ukraine
🇧🇦Bosnia & Herzegovina FlagFlag Bosnia Herzegovina, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Bosnia Herzegovina
🇦🇬Antigua & Barbuda FlagFlag Antigua Barbuda, Antigua, Barbuda, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Antigua Barbuda
🏳️‍🌈Rainbow FlagRainbow Flag, Flag, Rainbow, Pride, Gay, Lgbt, Glbt, Queer, Homosexual, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender
🇳🇱Netherlands FlagFlag Netherlands, Nl, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Netherlands
🇧🇧Barbados FlagFlag Barbados, Bb, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Barbados
🇯🇵Japan FlagFlag Japan, Japanese, Nation, Flag, Country, Banner, Japan, Jp, Ja
🇭🇹Haiti FlagFlag Haiti, Ht, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Haiti
🇻🇬British Virgin Islands FlagFlag British Virgin Islands, British, Virgin, Islands, Bvi, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, British Virgin Islands
🎌Crossed FlagsCrossed Flags, Japanese, Nation, Country, Border
🇪🇦Ceuta & Melilla FlagFlag Ceuta Melilla
🇦🇨Ascension Island FlagFlag Ascension Island
🇵🇱Poland FlagFlag Poland, Pl, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Poland
🇨🇴Colombia FlagFlag Colombia, Co, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Colombia
🇾🇪Yemen FlagFlag Yemen, Ye, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Yemen
🇸🇳Senegal FlagFlag Senegal, Sn, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Senegal
🇱🇦Laos FlagFlag Laos, Lao, Democratic, Republic, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Laos
🇯🇪Jersey FlagFlag Jersey, Je, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Jersey
🇳🇿New Zealand FlagFlag New Zealand, New, Zealand, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, New Zealand
🇨🇮Côte d’Ivoire FlagFlag Cote D Ivoire, Ivory, Coast, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Cote D Ivoire
🇧🇮Burundi FlagFlag Burundi, Bi, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Burundi
🇵🇼Palau FlagFlag Palau, Pw, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Palau
🇰🇿Kazakhstan FlagFlag Kazakhstan, Kz, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Kazakhstan
🇱🇺Luxembourg FlagFlag Luxembourg, Lu, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Luxembourg
🇲🇾Malaysia FlagFlag Malaysia, My, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Malaysia
🇳🇬Nigeria FlagFlag Nigeria, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Nigeria
🇬🇵Guadeloupe FlagFlag Guadeloupe, Gp, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Guadeloupe
🇻🇮U.S. Virgin Islands FlagFlag U S Virgin Islands, Virgin, Islands, Us, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, U S Virgin Islands
🇱🇸Lesotho FlagFlag Lesotho, Ls, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Lesotho
🇹🇱Timor-Leste FlagFlag Timor Leste, Timor, Leste, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Timor Leste
🇪🇬Egypt FlagFlag Egypt, Eg, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Egypt
🇿🇦South Africa FlagFlag South Africa, South, Africa, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, South Africa
🇺🇸United States FlagFlag United States, United, States, America, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, United States
🇸🇨Seychelles FlagFlag Seychelles, Sc, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Seychelles
🇳🇪Niger FlagFlag Niger, Ne, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Niger
🇷🇪Réunion FlagFlag Reunion, Reunion, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Reunion
🇭🇲Heard & McDonald Islands FlagFlag Heard Mcdonald Islands
🇱🇹Lithuania FlagFlag Lithuania, Lt, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Lithuania
🇨🇨Cocos (Keeling) Islands FlagFlag Cocos Islands, Cocos, Keeling, Islands, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Cocos Islands
🇫🇯Fiji FlagFlag Fiji, Fj, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Fiji
🇦🇴Angola FlagFlag Angola, Ao, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Angola
🇰🇲Comoros FlagFlag Comoros, Km, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Comoros
🇰🇼Kuwait FlagFlag Kuwait, Kw, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Kuwait
🇨🇿Czechia FlagFlag Czechia, Cz, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Czechia
🇲🇦Morocco FlagFlag Morocco, Ma, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Morocco
🇩🇰Denmark FlagFlag Denmark, Dk, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Denmark
🇹🇬Togo FlagFlag Togo, Tg, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Togo
🇨🇼Curaçao FlagFlag Curacao, Curacao, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Curacao
🇳🇫Norfolk Island FlagFlag Norfolk Island, Norfolk, Island, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Norfolk Island
🇨🇬Congo - Brazzaville FlagFlag Congo Brazzaville, Congo, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Congo Brazzaville
🏴Black FlagBlack Flag, Pirate
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿Wales FlagFlag Wales, Flag, Welsh
🇱🇮Liechtenstein FlagFlag Liechtenstein, Li, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Liechtenstein
🇲🇩Moldova FlagFlag Moldova, Moldova, Republic, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner
🇨🇰Cook Islands FlagFlag Cook Islands, Cook, Islands, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Cook Islands
🇸🇱Sierra Leone FlagFlag Sierra Leone, Sierra, Leone, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Sierra Leone
🇧🇻Bouvet Island FlagFlag Bouvet Island, Norway
🇧🇲Bermuda FlagFlag Bermuda, Bm, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Bermuda
🏳️‍⚧️Transgender FlagTransgender Flag, Lgbtq
🇨🇷Costa Rica FlagFlag Costa Rica, Costa, Rica, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Costa Rica
🇩🇬Diego Garcia FlagFlag Diego Garcia
🇬🇩Grenada FlagFlag Grenada, Gd, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Grenada
🇰🇷South Korea FlagFlag South Korea, South, Korea, Nation, Flag, Country, Banner, South Korea
🇧🇾Belarus FlagFlag Belarus, By, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Belarus
🇱🇧Lebanon FlagFlag Lebanon, Lb, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Lebanon
🇻🇨St. Vincent & Grenadines FlagFlag St Vincent Grenadines, Saint, Vincent, Grenadines, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, St Vincent Grenadines
🇸🇧Solomon Islands FlagFlag Solomon Islands, Solomon, Islands, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Solomon Islands
🇦🇸American Samoa FlagFlag American Samoa, American, Ws, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, American Samoa
🇻🇪Venezuela FlagFlag Venezuela, Ve, Bolivarian, Republic, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Venezuela
🇷🇺Russia FlagFlag Russia, Russian, Federation, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Russia
🇦🇷Argentina FlagFlag Argentina, Ar, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Argentina
🇩🇿Algeria FlagFlag Algeria, Dz, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Algeria
🇬🇼Guinea-Bissau FlagFlag Guinea Bissau, Gw, Bissau, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Guinea Bissau
🇪🇨Ecuador FlagFlag Ecuador, Ec, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Ecuador
🇲🇺Mauritius FlagFlag Mauritius, Mu, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Mauritius
🇱🇻Latvia FlagFlag Latvia, Lv, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Latvia
🇵🇷Puerto Rico FlagFlag Puerto Rico, Puerto, Rico, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Puerto Rico
🇲🇴Macao SAR China FlagFlag Macao Sar China, Macao, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Macao Sar China
🇲🇫St. Martin FlagFlag St Martin
🇺🇳United Nations FlagFlag United Nations, Un, Flag, Banner
🇸🇯Svalbard & Jan Mayen FlagFlag Svalbard Jan Mayen
🇸🇬Singapore FlagFlag Singapore, Sg, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Singapore
🇧🇬Bulgaria FlagFlag Bulgaria, Bg, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Bulgaria
🇨🇺Cuba FlagFlag Cuba, Cu, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Cuba
🇹🇦Tristan da Cunha FlagFlag Tristan Da Cunha
🇺🇲U.S. Outlying Islands FlagFlag U S Outlying Islands
🇬🇷Greece FlagFlag Greece, Gr, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Greece
🇬🇲Gambia FlagFlag Gambia, Gm, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Gambia
🇫🇰Falkland Islands FlagFlag Falkland Islands, Falkland, Islands, Malvinas, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Falkland Islands
🇨🇫Central African Republic FlagFlag Central African Republic, Central, African, Republic, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Central African Republic
🇦🇲Armenia FlagFlag Armenia, Am, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Armenia
🇮🇶Iraq FlagFlag Iraq, Iq, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Iraq
🇰🇵North Korea FlagFlag North Korea, North, Korea, Nation, Flag, Country, Banner, North Korea
🇧🇼Botswana FlagFlag Botswana, Bw, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Botswana
🇬🇹Guatemala FlagFlag Guatemala, Gt, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Guatemala
🇲🇼Malawi FlagFlag Malawi, Mw, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Malawi
🇻🇺Vanuatu FlagFlag Vanuatu, Vu, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Vanuatu
🇾🇹Mayotte FlagFlag Mayotte, Yt, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Mayotte
🇭🇷Croatia FlagFlag Croatia, Hr, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Croatia
🇹🇷Turkey FlagFlag Turkey, Turkey, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner
🇸🇲San Marino FlagFlag San Marino, San, Marino, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, San Marino
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿Scotland FlagFlag Scotland, Flag, Scottish
🇹🇹Trinidad & Tobago FlagFlag Trinidad Tobago, Trinidad, Tobago, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Trinidad Tobago
🇩🇪Germany FlagFlag Germany, German, Nation, Flag, Country, Banner, Germany
🚩Triangular FlagTriangular Flag, Mark, Milestone, Place
🇵🇹Portugal FlagFlag Portugal, Pt, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Portugal
🇬🇺Guam FlagFlag Guam, Gu, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Guam
🇲🇲Myanmar (Burma) FlagFlag Myanmar, Mm, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Myanmar
🇧🇶Caribbean Netherlands FlagFlag Caribbean Netherlands, Bonaire, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Caribbean Netherlands
🇸🇰Slovakia FlagFlag Slovakia, Sk, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Slovakia
🇺🇾Uruguay FlagFlag Uruguay, Uy, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Uruguay
🇪🇸Spain FlagFlag Spain, Spain, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner
🇲🇿Mozambique FlagFlag Mozambique, Mz, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Mozambique
🇬🇳Guinea FlagFlag Guinea, Gn, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Guinea
🇻🇦 Vatican City FlagFlag Vatican City, Vatican, City, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Vatican City
🇹🇭Thailand FlagFlag Thailand, Th, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Thailand
🇬🇮Gibraltar FlagFlag Gibraltar, Gi, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Gibraltar
🇹🇳Tunisia FlagFlag Tunisia, Tn, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Tunisia
🇵🇸Palestinian Territories FlagFlag Palestinian Territories, Palestine, Palestinian, Territories, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Palestinian Territories
🇲🇳Mongolia FlagFlag Mongolia, Mn, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Mongolia
🇷🇼Rwanda FlagFlag Rwanda, Rw, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Rwanda
🇵🇭Philippines FlagFlag Philippines, Ph, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Philippines
🇲🇬Madagascar FlagFlag Madagascar, Mg, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Madagascar
🇲🇸Montserrat FlagFlag Montserrat, Ms, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Montserrat
🇹🇿Tanzania FlagFlag Tanzania, Tanzania, United, Republic, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner
🇱🇷Liberia FlagFlag Liberia, Lr, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Liberia
🇦🇪United Arab Emirates FlagFlag United Arab Emirates, United, Arab, Emirates, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, United Arab Emirates
🇮🇹Italy FlagFlag Italy, Italy, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner
🇸🇾Syria FlagFlag Syria, Syrian, Arab, Republic, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Syria
🇳🇷Nauru FlagFlag Nauru, Nr, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Nauru
🇦🇮Anguilla FlagFlag Anguilla, Ai, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Anguilla
🏳White Flag
🇹🇯Tajikistan FlagFlag Tajikistan, Tj, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Tajikistan
🇧🇩Bangladesh FlagFlag Bangladesh, Bd, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Bangladesh
🇷🇸Serbia FlagFlag Serbia, Rs, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Serbia
🇼🇸Samoa FlagFlag Samoa, Ws, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Samoa
🇧🇯Benin FlagFlag Benin, Bj, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Benin
🇭🇳Honduras FlagFlag Honduras, Hn, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Honduras
🇫🇷France FlagFlag France, Banner, Flag, Nation, France, French, Country
🇨🇦Canada FlagFlag Canada, Ca, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Canada
🇲🇷Mauritania FlagFlag Mauritania, Mr, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Mauritania
🇮🇳India FlagFlag India, In, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, India
🇲🇭Marshall Islands FlagFlag Marshall Islands, Marshall, Islands, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Marshall Islands
🇼🇫Wallis & Futuna FlagFlag Wallis Futuna, Wallis, Futuna, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Wallis Futuna
🇹🇩Chad FlagFlag Chad, Td, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Chad
🇵🇳Pitcairn Islands FlagFlag Pitcairn Islands, Pitcairn, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Pitcairn Islands
🇳🇺Niue FlagFlag Niue, Nu, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Niue
🇧🇳Brunei FlagFlag Brunei, Bn, Darussalam, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Brunei
🇫🇮Finland FlagFlag Finland, Fi, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Finland
🇺🇿Uzbekistan FlagFlag Uzbekistan, Uz, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Uzbekistan
🇫🇴Faroe Islands FlagFlag Faroe Islands, Faroe, Islands, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Faroe Islands
🇦🇽Åland Islands FlagFlag Aland Islands, Aland, Islands, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Aland Islands
🇱🇰Sri Lanka FlagFlag Sri Lanka, Sri, Lanka, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Sri Lanka
🇰🇪Kenya FlagFlag Kenya, Ke, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Kenya
🇹🇰Tokelau FlagFlag Tokelau, Tk, Flag, Nation, Country, Banner, Tokelau
🇪🇺European Union FlagFlag European Union, European, Union, Flag, Banner